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Fanaticism and the Human Need for Binary Thinking

Posted on the 17 June 2015 by Calvinthedog

Most gusanos and other anti-Castro people are just fanatics. That’s the only way to put it. They can’t be rational about Castro or the system. It’s an emotional issue with them. Because of that, they lie constantly.

The thing is, there are perfectly reasonable critiques that can be made of the Cuban system. And you don’t even have to lie to make them. Hell, you could write a whole book about them. Actually you could write a series of books along these lines.

But the gusanos and the rest of the Castro-haters are nuts. They are fanatics. They won’t engage in rational criticism of the regime because it doesn’t make Castro look evil enough, and in some ways, even the critiques are going to have to admit to some successes. Hence Castro and the system must be made to seem 100% evil with no exceptions. Black and white thinking. No successes, only failures.

This is the case with all fanatics. All political fanatics are automatically unreasonable and they all lie all the time. The reason for this is above. The fanatic has abandoned the gray area in favor of the black and white.

Humans mostly hate the gray area anyway as they want to see the world in a binary fashion and when you say everything is grey, most people get upset and confused and it causes a lot of anxiety because they think they can’t tell what’s good or bad or right or wrong anymore. People don’t like to feel anxiety. It feels bad. Most people, when they start feeling anxiety, try to stop the anxiety somehow. Why? Because most people don’t like to feel bad. Feeling bad feels lousy too. Most people would rather feel good than bad because life is more fun that way.

Humans hate thinking in gradations because it makes you think too hard, and most people don’t want to do that. Also it’s frustrating because the answer to every question is, “Yes, but…” or “No, but…” or “Well, sort of…” or Well, yes and no.” Those types of responses make people very angry because it seems like they are not answering the question right. All answers either have to be right/wrong and good/bad. Everything in the world has to be boxed into these dual binary choices, everything has to be either good or bad or right or wrong.

Acknowledging that thing are otherwise makes it seem like you don’t know the answer to the question and not knowing whether something is right or wrong is very upsetting to most people. So is not knowing if something is good or bad. Although people feel ambivalent all the time and ambivalence is the natural state of man, most people hate it. It’s very frustrating as you can’t make up your mind and you are not sure how you even feel about things.

People want certainty, moral and qualitative.

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