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Fake Anti-Semitism Crisis

Posted on the 20 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

According to paranoid Jewish lunatics, the world is teeming with anti-Semites who are so dying to exterminate the Jews that they will start up another pogrom or Holocaust attempt anytime now. That is why all Jews must move to Israel right now as the only savoir of world Jewry from the next inevitable mass pogrom.

The joke about this is that I have been monitoring anti-Semitic websites for some time now. There was a very famous one, actaully one of the best ones of all (name escapes me now) that finally closed down due to lack of funds, but it is still archived on the Net. Radio Islam run out of Morocco by another anti-Semite suffured from chronic lack of funds. Stormfront is always running fund drives. American Renaissance, not necessarily anti-Semitic but home to many anti-Semitic White nationalists, is chronically short on funds and always asking for money.

And here is yet another one. The Rebel website, run by Andrew Winkler, is  one of the most wildly anti-Semitic sites on the web. Trust me when I tell you that Mr. Winkler and his site are definitely not good for the Jews. Opinion pieces run regularly calling for the killing of Jews, from “just the powerful Jews,” all the way down to “kill em all.” So the site is basically exhorting for genocide. Which is not uncommon. I hate to admit that the Jews are right when they talk about their enemies. The Jews say anti-Semites want to kill them all. Of course it is not true, but most anti-Semites that I have known have a soft spot for Hitler and seem to think the Holocaust was a good idea when they are not denying that it happened at all. Now this holds true for the real enemies of the Jews. One of the worst problems of the Jews (and this has always been a problem; it’s nothing new) is that they are paranoid victim-addicts with a chip on their shoulder as wide as the Grand Canyon who hallucinate 10 anti-Semites for every real one. That and the Jews have always accused innocents of being enemies. Probably 90% of the people called anti-Semites by the Jews are not true Jew-haters are real enemies at all. On the other hand, that 10% is pretty serious bad news for the Jews.

The Rebel website was always short on funds, and it looks like this month they are finally packing their bags for the last time. What is hilarious about this is that the Jews claim most of the world is genocially anti-Semitic and ready to set off Holocaust Part 2 any day now. The case of The Rebel shows how stupid this is. If the world is so overwhelmingly Nazi, how come anti-Semitic websites can’t even pay their bills. Can’t they find some wealthy patron to fund them. I guess wealthy anti-Semites are so rare that these sites can’t even come up with one rich Nazi to keep their sites on the web. Yeah the world is ready to kill the Jews and the world’s biggest Jew-hating site not only has a mere 12,000 visitors a day (out of 8 million world population) and it could never even pay its bills. Finally it got so far behind that it had to close down due to lack of interest and money like all the other anti-Semitic sites.

I conclude that true hardcore pro-pogrom anti-Semites must be quite rare. Their websites hardly get any traffic and are always broke and finally close down because they can’t come up with the three figures a month it takes to keep the site running. This implies that the true enemies of the Jews, the pro-pogrom, genocidal or Nazi-like anti-Semites, must be a pretty marginal phenomenon on a world scale. The logical conclusion is that the Jews of the world are quite safe and there are no pogroms looming any time soon. The Jews can sit back and relax. Not that they will.

On the other hand, casual mild anti-Semitism is quite common and the probable reason for it is that way too many Jewish people act way too bad, so they bring it down on all the rest of them. Jews as a group do seem to be more sleazy and amoral than most human groups. Not that there are not good Jews; I have known many in my life, a few saintly ones that I trusted so well I think I could leave them $100,000 in cash, tell them to hold it for me, and come back a while later and not a penny of it would be gone. The problem is that the Netanyahus, the Madoffs, the Poroshenkos, the Soroses, the Summerses and the Rubins (I call them The Rulers of the World)  bring it down on the good and saintly Jews.

Dear Reader,

After 9 years and 2 months fighting against the Jew World Disorder, it’s time for me to say goodbye. In spite of growing the Rebel Website to 6,500-15,000 unique visitors and 150,000 – 220,000 page views per day, I’m no longer able to raise the US$1000 needed each month to keep the Rebel Website going. For this month, I’m still US$545 short and the deadline has just passed. That means the site will be suspended any minute and within 5 days – if I can’t come up with the funds – deleted, which means it can no longer be resurrected.

If you want to prevent this from happening, please use the donation link at the bottom of this email or send your contribution from your PayPal account to the [email protected]

In case there is no last minute rescue, I would like to use this opportunity to thank all my regular and casual supporters, who made it possible for me to run the Rebel Website for so many years. The @therebel.org email addresses will disappear together with the site and its webmaster.

Thanks again,

Your Rebel of Oz


Lieber Leser,

Nach 9 Jahren und 2 Monaten im Kampf gegen jüdische Weltherrschaft, ist es Zeit für mich zu gehn. Obwohl die Rebel Webseite im letzten Jahr auf 6,500-15,000 Besucher und 150.000 – 220.000 Seiten pro Tag angewachsen ist, bin ich nicht mehr in der Lage, die US$ 1000 aufzubringen, die ich jeden Monat benötige, um die Rebel Webseite zu betreiben.

Für diesen Monat fehlen mir noch US$545 und die Frist ist vor 30 Minuten abgelaufen. Das heißt, die Webseite wird jeden Augenblick suspendiert und innerhalb von 5 Tagen – wenn ich nicht die benögten Mittel vorher aufbringe – gelöscht werden, was bedeutet, dass sie nicht mehr wiederbelebt werden kann.

Wenn Sie dies verhindern möchten, nutzen Sie bitte den Spenden-Link am Ende dieser E-Mail oder senden Sie Ihren Beitrag von Ihrem PayPal Konto an [email protected]

Im Fall daß keine Rettung in letzter Minute eintrifft, möchte ich diese Gelegenheit nutzen, um allen meine regelmäßigen Spendern zu danken, die es mir möglich gemacht haben, die Rebel Webseite faßt 10 Jahre lang zu betreiben. Die @therebel.org E-Mail-Adressen werden zusammen mit der Webseite und seinen Webmaster verschwinden.

Nochmals vielen Dank,

Ihr Rebel of Oz

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