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Fairy Party Wrap-Up

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Fairy Party Wrap-UpIt's no secret that Fairy Parties are fabulous.  We recently went to a fourth birthday in the garden of a friend.  One of the things I loved more than anything was the spotty red and white bedspread used as a mat on the grass... ok it's a strange thing to covet I admit, but I really did love that by throwing that piece of fabric down, a magical place was instantly created.  A toadstool cushion heightened the effect, and of course a dozen fairy-winged children topped it off... literally.
As well as loving the mat, the fairy friend hiding in the cubby house, the home-made cake, the mountains of food for the parents, and the sunshine were all perfectly organised.
If you're having an outdoor party, consider a rug of your own.  At Mimi's recent watery-party we had a blue picnic rug and a blobby beandbag in the corner of the garden.  We turned it into a sort of book nook, with lots of Mermaid and Pirate books we borrowed from the library especially for that weekend, and to read before and after, making the celebrations last as long as possible.  
You can turn your rug into a lost island, another planet, a happy hideaway, a jungle grotto; anything that suits your theme.  It can be for quiet time as ours was, to escape the hustle and bustle for a moment, or it could be an assembly point, as it was at the fairy party.  Perhaps it's the safe-place for a game of tag, the spot for pass the parcel, or simply the flop-out zone.  Pick a suitable colour, sacrifice a couple of cushions to the cause, pop it all in a suitable spot on the lawn and you've just made yourself a little patch of perfect!   

For more fairy ideas - check out our fairy party craft ebook or send us your questions.

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