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Facebook Floats and Faces the Ultimate Litmus Test of It’s Worth.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


In going public and floating on the Nasdaq stock exchange, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg raised around $16 billion of investment for himself and his social media company. Since the launch however, the stock price has dived and alleged hidden financial information about disappointing future profits, primarily based around the rise of Facebook on mobile (cell) phones combined with a lack of an advertising strategy, have surfaced. Zuckerberg and a lot of other rich investors meanwhile cashed in their shares early, possibly saving themselves millions in the process, however Zuckerberg looks like he may pay some of that back as he is now being sued. If he had consulted an astrologer before he chose the launch date, he could have saved himself and his company a whole lot of trouble as I will show you.


This is the chart for the moment Facebook went live on Nasdaq and it tells a story that is playing out already. We have Sun Jupiter (the planets of speculation) and Mercury in money orientated Taurus in the 10th which accurately describes the high hopes of the launch to earn billions of dollars for Mark Zuckerberg and the other founders. Sun Jupiter and Mercury shows an over confidence or an ideal, as if nothing can go wrong. We also have Venus quindecile Pluto in Capricorn, Taurus’ ruler as well as the ruler of money in the 11th house of friends, group & social issues making a focused aspect to Pluto – this is big money, never seen before amounts staked on a share launch. When Pluto gets involved records get broken. Pluto is also part of a grand earth trine connecting Mars and a Moon Midheaven conjunction. I see this as the people or shareholders in a public sense (Moon/Midheaven) finally controlling (Pluto) the actions and direction of the company.

All this seems fine, but there are two spanners in the works. The reason are the position of Neptune and Saturn. Neptune is in an awful position, quindecile to the ascendant, sextile to Midheaven  and Moon, opposite Mars in the 2nd house of finance and most importantly square to the Sun (the chart ruler). Hitting the angles and the Sun surely meant that something was awry, something about this launch was hidden and out of view, a choice (opposition) to not to let the cat out of the bag about it’s true financial position had been taken. The Neptune Sun square shows a veil of deception, and weakens this chart quite alarmingly, the company and the stocks will be seen as weak and I suspect that it will be a long time before a price of $38 a share is seen again.

Saturn also causes major headaches on this chart. Saturn is the voice of authority and puts fear and adds restrictions wherever it is found. Making an opposition into the Moon in the 9th and a quindecile to the Midheaven, not only do we have public (Moon) fear (Saturn) over the face of the company (Midheaven) through this lack of advertising (Saturn in 3rd) but not surprisingly law suits (9th house) as well have been issued over the lack of transparency over the floatation. Saturn makes a quindecile to Uranus in the 9th so we have a crisis (Saturn) affecting the technology and social media company (Uranus) and solicitors and courts getting involved (9th).

Saturn also was making a exact trine to Venus at the time Facebook went live on the stock markets. My friend and astrological colleague Aliza at Moonpluto Astrology made a wonderful comment the other day about this trine…

I will quote her – she said that “Saturn trine Venus brought clarity about Venus issues into focus”. As these planets were both retrograde she went on that “this retrograde period was the glue and the test of any situation. She loves you or she loves you not, and this verdict would be decided once and for all !!” 

Indeed you are right Aliza. Now was the time for the markets to decide on the fate of the financial floatation of Facebook, and their verdict so far was not a good one. This decision “to go for the dough” has opened up a whole can of worms and the lawyers will I suspect have a field day over it all, one of only a few potential winners right now. As for the new shareholders and their holdings, the price of those shares and the ultimate fate of Facebook is being decided through the on-going Saturn Venus trine. Will they be loved? Time will tell…

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