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Facebook Feedback

Posted on the 23 October 2013 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

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In most households, one or more members regularly use Facebook; revealing personal information, images, and videos to the entire cyber world. An avid Facebook user myself, I’m at times amazed what people will post. That said, the following story might make you think twice about what you post on Facebook. As it should!


For the most part, I have a rule against posting personal information on social sites. However, recently I posted information after having surgery. The thought process was to thank my many friends for supporting me with their prayers and comments. At first, it seemed a great idea, and much easier than sending 2,300 Thank you notes. Many posted their get well wishes, and my heart was filled with joy.


A friend ask if I needed anything. “A huge bottle of Tylenol” I replied. The next thing you know, I was holding the biggest bottle of acetaminophen I’d ever seen! The whole neighborhood must have heard my laughter. I could not keep this to myself! I posted a picture of the bottle with a note stating “Well, I ask for a bottle of Tylenol, lol”! The comments started pouring in. “I hope he gave you something better than that, just out of surgery”, on man replied. This is where I turned stupid.


“Yes, he did”, I replied. “He gave me Oxycodone 5mg, but, they make me feel disconnected”. The very next day four people knocked upon my door. Two of which I did not know, one neighbor, and one person who I had spoken to briefly as he passed the house. One even sent his mother the next day! I heard every excuse for why, “If I could only spare a couple”, how much better their life would be. One claiming cancer.


It was at this moment, I learned a valuable lesson. Posting personal information on Facebook could have dangerous consequences! Those folks who showed up, they could have robbed and/or killed me; all for narcotics! Addiction is a powerful thing. It brought total strangers to my home. And, there are perverts and criminals lurking on all these sites! What are you or your children posting? Is this the feedback you want?


Stephanie Ann Kinzel


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