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F is for Future...

By Misslara16 @misslara
F is for Future.
Hey, look! what do you see?
It's the future, it's either bright or dark, it's either great or bleak, it's either blissful or painful, it's whatever you make of it. Pleasures now, they don't last.
Money is like a humming bird here today, gone tomorrow, you have to focus on what is important and do the work, and enjoy the reward that comes after.
Its important to focus, eyes on the price, if you don't have a price go get one. If you do not have something to look up to, something to inspire you you have nothing, you are not completely hopeless though, get something to inspire you. develop the need to be better that what you are today.
Clothes fade, skin tones change, even beauty fades... Focus on things that have lasting value. Build up yourself spiritually, build your career, build great and healthy relationships, place your priorities right and enjoy the life God has given you. Focus is important, Future is the word.

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