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Eyeliner 101 | The Different Kinds of Eyeliners

By Townhousepalette @townhousepal
Eyeliner 101 | The Different Kinds of EyelinersHello everyone ♡ I was going to do a Spring Edit post today, the direct counterpart of my Autumn Edit post, but the pictures were terrible. I tried using a lower ISO setting, but the pictures came out too dark to be repaired with some simple Photoshop. Putting that aside, I searched through my pictures to find that I have an some edited photos for a post called Eyeliners 101. I am going to try to get my Spring Edit post up by Saturday, but I hope you still enjoy this post. My guide to eyeliners, for all your eyeliner needs.
Pencil - This is the all time basic eyeliner, if there was anything basic for eyeliner this would be it. Pencils are easy to use, smudge perfectly, and should have a creamy formula. If your pencil needs a lot of pressure for pigmentation when applied to skin, toss it. I trust pencils on my waterline because the formula has a safer texture ( in my opinion ) than the ink formulas liquid and marker liners offer.
Felt Tip - Felt tip eyeliners are my number one suggested eyeliner for beginners because the are easy to use. The way I learned to use eyeliners like this was to turn it sideways and to dab my lash line. I was the easiest way to apply it. Over time I began to thicken the line and was able to create a wing. 
Liquid Liner -  This is the king of liners because of it's runny, liquid formula. It gives off a very shiny, precise edge when applied. It is by far ( in my opinion ) hardest to work with because it is usually fast drying leaving tiny room for mistakes. If you make a mistake because of the runny/pigmented formula it may leave some residue even when you try to remove with your fingers.
Gel Eyeliner - Again, another hard one to use. It takes time to create a really nice line with gel eyeliner, but the line does come out beautifully. It also is very good as smudging and creating a black outer black V.
Black Eyeshadow -  When ever my eyeliner is harsh, I like using an eyeshadow to mattify the liner, making it less harsh. If the eyeshadow is really nice and pigmented, I mix it with some gel eyeliner to try something new.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope to see you again on Saturday. I will have my Spring Edit post ready for viewing. Please leave some comments and I will surely reply and check out your blogs:) Bye Bye~ 
Thanks for reading-XOXOWhat are your favorite eyeliners?
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