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Eyelash Extensions: After Care Tips

By Natalieroseanne @clutzyprincess
Eyelash Extensions: After Care Tips
Last month hosted that most irksome romantic of days- no, not International Day of
Immunology*- the other one. Valentine’s Day comes but once a year and when
it does it brings much embarrassment, shame, and disappointment, but that doesn't mean you don't have to look your best after it. That doesn’t
stop most of us from putting our best foot forward and making a clumsy gesture
toward our favorite crush or dearly beloved. For the ladies in the room, a good
set of fluttery lashes go a long way to getting a romantic point across, amiright?
Lash Design is where it’s at this month.
As with every romantic gesture, however, false lashes can backfire. What could
be more perfect than staring across the table at your chosen one through a forest
of thick, bambi lashes? Conversely, what could be worse than staring across the
table at your chosen one through a forest of loose adhesive glue and crooked
This scenario is easily avoided if you just follow a few basic after care tips. To
wit: don’t get your face anywhere near water for the first 24 hours after having
your lashes done. Avoid steamy environments as a general rule, but particularly
in the first two days post- lash refill. Chuck all oil based eye make up- mascaras,
eye shadows, eyeliners. They’ll loosen the adhesive holding your lashes in place.
Always remove eye make up gently- scrubbing and vigorous rubbing is strictly off
In essence, you must treat your lashes with the same care and reverence you
would a fluffy white Persian kitten. It’s not too difficult as long as you know what
to do and what not to do. And who knows- your eyelashes may just create such
a stir this month that you will actually find yourself opening the door to
find a bunch of red roses and a fluffy white Persian kitten on the landing. Such
is the universal appeal of a good set of peepers. For more information, visit
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