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Explore the Golden Rock Pagoda

By Khanhpv

It is a huge rock on the mountainside is protruding more than 2,500 years. Both stones are inlaid temples and carries a gold leaf layers within it a legend. 
Explore the Golden Rock Pagoda
Temple or Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock) is one of the ancient temples and the most famous of the temples in Myanmar, the world's cultural heritage. 
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Yangon private tourMyanmar beach destinationsNgapali beach packagesMyanmar has three major temples of Lord Buddha brought treasures is the Shwedagon Pagoda, the pagoda and temple Wat Maha Muni MYAT Golden Rock (Kyaikhtiyo). These are landmarks that all visitors from around the world come to visit and explore. 


Golden Rock Pagoda - Kyaikhtiyo has a history more than 2,500 years, the temple is located about 210km from Yangon.

It was built on a rock at a height of 1.100m compared situated sea level, there is a high stone perimeter 7,3m and 15,2m called yellow stone because the stone and temple are inlaid enclosed in gold leaf. The voice of the Mon temple and pagoda Kyaik means Htiyo is (carrying the head of the monks). Pagoda temple Kyaikhtiyo means is placed on the head monk. 

Trucks are the only means for the current Golden Rock Pagoda, if not walking, running forest sky days

According to legend during the Buddha to this preacher, he gave religious Taik Tha a hair, monks hid the hair in her hair, then gives the king the dream that hair will be caught in a rock shaped like the head of the monk. Then the king can not find a stone like that, thanks to the parents (god and goddess Naga Zawgyi) seek help. Two gods have found a rock under the ocean. The stone was taken up and put in the hill Kyaikhtiyo. Hair of Buddha is placed in a stone and a small temple was built up named Kyaikhtiyo.

Golden Rock is also known for the protruding, by this stone exposed mountain just mere 78cm2. Burman explained this stability is thanks god god Tawadeintha used boat salvaged stone and carrying it up the hill. The boat and the rope was turned to stone and is situated about 300m from the Golden Rock to keep from falling rocks. For those who have been to Myanmar tour is contemplating a stone and temple are covered with gold leaf on a mountain cliff lie the interesting thing unique. 

If you do not want to walk to the temple to the top, you can sit palanquin $ 15
Yellow Stone Temple is one of the very famous monuments of Myanmar and is classified in one of the few masterpieces of nature. The temple is located on a mountain with an altitude of over 1,000 Kyaikhtiyo m above sea level and 200 km from Yangon. Kyaikhtiyo temple located on a rock protruding egg lies on the slopes of the mountain of the same name. Many people believe that the temple was built during Buddha's lifetime, over 2,500 years ago. 
Attached to the rock legend gold is both a fun and mysterious about the Buddha to evangelicals here. Therefore, when there is also a large number of people to visit, worship, ceremony. One thing especially the contact surface between the rock and the ground is only 78 cm². 

Women not to damage the stone yellow, worship only through an iron fence

Kyaikhtiyo temple with many Buddha statues located around the corner, especially with some statue studded with thousands of gems, a few hundred diamonds with hundreds of golden bells. 

When night falls, glowing golden temples, shimmering in the smoke flavor with voice murmuring prayers. 


Currently, there are only two ways to visit the temple: go pickup or walk through the dense forest. Riding heavy and medium wind dust, both wobble when the car roared to climb the slopes winding length of about 11 km in about 1 hour, such as attending the game thrills.

After an hour sitting on the truck, to conquer the Yellow Stone, visitors can walk or rent a 4 person carried the palanquin. They were young men, healthy, 4-bearers on the shoulders of two attacks in the middle of bamboo chairs sit as chair announced usual beach holiday. 

sitting on a litter, and dancing to the rhythm of the steps bearers, there are relaxation scenic roadside is also a unique experience. Rents procession around US $ 10 / person and $ 5 additional allowances for khenh.

Before entering the portal visitors as well as Buddhists to leave shoes outside the gates, and then conquer a new long way up to the temple. People here believe, is a sacred stone cliff on the shore of a cliff without falling down because they are anchored only by a hair of the Buddha. 

We worshiped the Golden Temple Stone shiny, glowing gold in the sun soon. However, according to custom, only men are back near the foot of rock and temple to be glued laminated onto pieces of gold, stone and input voltage needs to stop female nguyen.Phu before an iron fence separated way to Temple. 

Myanmar as well as travel to all temples in this country, you will see images of monks seeking alms every morning.

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