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Explore More: Sex and Relationship Advice

By Megbarker @megbarkerpsych

The Explore More summit started yesterday, and my vid went live today, along with excellent chats between Dawn Serra and Feminista Jones (sexuality and anti-racism expert) and Betty Martin (consent inspiration).

Check out this page to watch all the vids and find out more about the rest of this amazing free online summit about sex, love, relationships, self-care, and much more.

Or watch my vid below which covers:

  • The systemic & pervasive problems with sex advice, and what Justin Hancock and I are proposing as an alternative to enjoying sex.
  • Why having sexual goals (orgasm, erection, wetness, intercourse) pushes us further from pleasure & connection.
  • Getting our needs met from a variety of sources and the importance of valuing non-romantic, non-sexual relationships.
  • Consent for the entire relationship and what that looks like for all of us.

Explore more: Sex and relationship advice

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