• Social Mindfulness

    Social mindfulness draws together projects which explore the social potentials of mindfulness. The kinds of issues and topics explored on the social mindfulness blog include:

    The potential of existing mindfulness practices for addressing social issues, such as conflict, sustainability, and discrimination.
    The development of mindfulness practices which are explicitly social and/or collective (e.g. with the aim of improving empathy, or conducted in conversations or groups).
    Explorations of the possibility of mindful relationships.
    Dialogues between mindfulness and social theory, social science and social psychology.
    Mindfulness therapies which are located more explicitly within sociocultural understandings of human experience.
    The application of mindfulness to social settings, such as healthcare, education, and social work.

  • Northern Existential Group

    Northern UK group on existential philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy

  • BiUK

    The UK national organisation for bisexual research and activism

  • Rewriting the Rules

    A blog on love, sex and relationships covering issues such as self-help, break-up, communication, conflict, marriage, LGBTQ, monogamy, non-monogamy, break-up, gender, sexuality, commitment, romance, depression, self-care, society, mindfulness, existentialism, philosophy, psychology, and counselling/therapy.