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Relationship Super Conference Talk

By Megbarker @megbarkerpsych

I recently did an interview for The Relationship Super Conference, which is running from October 4th to October 10th. It looks set to be an amazing event covering a huge diversity of relationship-related topics, and including talks by some of the people I regularly mention here: Alex Iantaffi, Sophia Graham, and Justin Hancock, as well as Ruby B. Johnson, Kevin Patterson, and Liz Powell who I met at the Poly Dallas conference back in 2018.

Relationship Super Conference talk

In my interview I spoke about how we need to understand relationships - and relationship struggles - through the lens of cultural and developmental trauma. I covered relationship diversity, and why this model is more helpful than binaries when it comes to relationships. I spoke about why I think we need to focus more on how we relate, than who we relate with or what relationship style we subscribe to. I also explored how our relationships with ourselves, others, and the world are interconnected.

Relationship Super Conference talk

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