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Expect the Unexpected

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I am was really glad to wake up to this:


Dense fog. I am a nervous flier so taking off in low visibility makes me ecstatic. Good thing I’ve got my friend, Xanax. By the way, did you hear about the guy who proposed to his girlfriend while they were flying an airplane?  He told her the plane was going to crash and gave her the emergency procedures to read. When she opened it up, it said “Will you marry me?” I think I would have punched him in the face. Or the nuts (better choice). He does get points for creativity, however.

Murphy's Law: It seems the unexpected happens quite often when I’m getting ready to go out of town. I spent four hours in urgent care and at the hospital yesterday with son Sam because he had had major stomach pain all day, in his lower right abdomen. It had been going on since the night before when he started feeling sick.  It just screamed possible appendicitis. So, after an exam, blood work, a urinalysis and an ultrasound, they found it was not appendicitis, but a swelling of the lymph nodes in the abdomen from a virus. Something called adenitis, which I never knew existed.

So, here’s a question for you and something I’ve been pondering. I don’t have any more big races on the calendar, and am moving more into maintenance and down mode for awhile. It seems I am always training for something, so not having a goal is a different feeling.

What does your maintenance plan look like during your non-training period? How much do you run and what other kinds of work outs do you do?

How did your marriage proposal go? We were backpacking up some mountain when Ken popped the question. Perfect!

Time to head to my home state of Maryland. Have a great weekend.


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