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Exchange Record and Food Diary

By Wishuponadish @pixiesue
Exchange Record and Food Diary
I published this post right around this time, last year. I think it needs to be posted again.
(I will link these PDF's to my Links and Shout Out's page above).
A Diabetics best friend is the exchange list. It works like a Weight Watchers points plan does. Eating strictly off the Glycemic Index is not a surefire way to guarantee you will have a handle on controlling your glucose levels. The GI does not give you exceptable amounts of each food that you can comfortably consume on a daily basis. I use it for reference only.
Recently, I have been searching for an App (or program) that allows you to pick your daily level of exchanges and lets you to check each one off as you consume that amount of food. Nothing out there so far and am seriously thinking of self-designing one. For right now I would suggest printing a months worth of Exchange Record pages (4), tuck one into your pocketbook or on your fridge and use them as a tool until you are used to what your daily goals can be. I promise after one month you will know your portions of each food allowed without referring to a chart.
As I surf the web I think I have found some new and improved Diabetic literature, I anxiously hit that download button or order it only to be more confused then I was before.
I think there are all of 2 sites that have creative recipes planned around the Diabetic Exchange Plan but if you have not consulted a Nutritionist, making one on your own is sort of like buying skis and heading to the Expert Slope without ever taking a lesson. This worksheet is your bunny slope.
So, what can you do you start? You are by reading this post.
I have created two PDF's that you can download. One is a cheat sheet of the most popular carbohydrates in chart form based on an average of how many exchanges you are allowed. Most Diabetics start their journey counting carbs. I just eliminated almost all white carbs, or the ones I do eat, I only eat half a serving, load up on vegetables, grains and fruits. You should also make a list of "FREE" foods. You will be surprised at how many of them there are (Everything you need to get started is in the "Links and Shout Out's" page at the top of this blog).
Women should eat no more then 40 grams each meal, men can do 60-65. This a gram not a serving. 40 grams is 2.5 servings, 60 is 4 servings.
The other one is a work sheet. I think that when you see on paper what you actually eat in a day, you will make substantial changes in your diet.
If you are one that likes a more structured plan, these downloads will make it easier for you to stick to a plan. When you reach the point when you get more familiar with what you can and can't eat, you will have your Glucose under control and that's a good thing.
These charts are not just for Diabetics. Anyone wishing to loose weight and want to try a low carb diet, these downloads will help.
I would be interested in what you think of them and if you can offer some advice or changes I would appreciate that.
Exchange Record
Food Lists
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Happy Eating!!
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