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Examples of Intrinsic Extrinsic Motivation in Real Everyday Life

Posted on the 18 April 2017 by Lifecoachbloggers
Self Motivation Skills Examples
According to Herzberg, we get motivation can be divided into hygiene and motivational factors. In both personal and professional life, self motivation is one of the life skills and this simple mnemonic CARTOONS can help you being self-motivated:
• Change X Status Quo (Repetitiveness)
• Accuracy X Vagueness
• Rewards X No Rewards
• Time X No Time
• Oneself X Others
• Onerous (Difficult) X Easy
• Number X no Number
• Senses

Change X Status Quo (Repetitiveness)

Many are motivated when things are monotonous, and mundane while others prefer changes, goals and targets.

For example

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you may also have to do administrative and financial tasks that are not related to the area of your interest.
Life is full of changes. Accepting this fact can give lot of insight to handle changes. Many a times, there are many unexpected events, uncertain situations and undesired results that occur in spite of our efforts. Smart people handle these changes spiritually.

For example

In spite of your good performance at work, if you are asked to leave for some unexpected reasons, accepting this undesired situation is the first sign of success.

Change (Invention) is Brain Work to Keep Yourself Busy Mentally

Giving employees a chance to solve few business problems and challenges can keep them motivated. This morale boosting technique costs no money and demands no particular physical environment. From business associates to office employees, staffs to team leaders and managers, this morale building tip can be applied by simply sitting in one place, closing the eyes and thinking about anything that is constructive, innovative, and creative. However, one must learn the art of controlling the mind, divert it constructive thinking process rather than worry.Many experience an emotional uplift by just changing one their simple routine task such as walking on stairs instead of taking an elevator. Or, one finds motivated by wearing a colored cloth that is against their personality or taste. To boost one's morale, even small changes like changing the direction of seating, or walking along the staircase instead of using a lift may increase the confidence and concentration level of an employee. Or, other small alterations like wearing a new cloth, changing the hairstyle can bring loads of self-assurance and self-belief attitude.
Change your:
1. Inner communication, called intrapersonal communication, replace negative words with self affirmation words.
2. thinking style. try creative thinking skills such as mnemonic devices, SCAMPER problem solving techniques


It is no change, stagnant, awareness and realization. Sometimes, you don't have to change, just realization can motivate you. Try understanding your personal values, personal habits, personal decision making styles

Accuracy X Vagueness

Accuracy: One difference between machines and humans is consistency or being perfect, because humans are encompassed with emotions, and feelings. Some people are motivated when things are orgainized and structured. They look for personal excellence and perfection

For example

If you are not able to consistently love people around you, relax, you are a human

Rewards X No Rewards

Track, Cherish and Celebrate Employees’ Achievements
Many managers are so good in tracking their employees’s achievements that they put all their success stories during business meetings. These meetings serve a good motivation factor for employees. For example, an employee of a top business organization puts a tick mark against all the goals once it is achieved and buys himself an icecream or any other gift as a memory of achieving the goal. Yet another business staff collects one dollar currency everytime the ambition is accomplished. This way the sense of achievement can be recalled whenever one undergoes a low morale behavior. It could be in form of party, songs, music, movies and dance. One the best morale boosting technique is to listen to songs, music, or watch movies that are inspirational, humorous, adventures. One must remember to choose those collections that are full of action, achievement, energy, enthusiasm and aspiring kinds of songs and movies.

Time X No Time

Some employees prefer strict deadlines while others prefer relaxed time frame. They love to wait. By giving time they will have time to think, reflect, and understand things so that you can take better decisions.


If you are confused whether to choose engineering or medicine as your career option, give time, think, reflect and see what is your passion before taking the final decision.

Oneself X Others

Oneselft is intrapersonal and others is interpersonal.
Intrapersonal: Few people love spending time with themselves, understanding self, resolving intrapersonal conflictsInterpersonal : few people love love solving problems of others. They become conflict resolvers, Like to Know Team Morale Building Secret? Help Each Other. Many managers and team leaders encourage their team members take a break from their routine work, talk to their fellow colleagues, share knowledge, and help in solving others' concerns. It has two advantages: One, there will be a mutual understanding among the team members; two, many office related issues and concerns will be solved when people bring the problems to discussion.
This kind of people:
• listen to others
• show empathy
• communicate assertively
• ask questions to understand others
• give genuine compliments
• persuade others
• know how to say, "No" politely
• behave proactively
• prosody of their speech effectively
• provide constructive feedback
• resolve interpersonal conflicts effectively
• have excellent interpersonal communication skills
• have very good language skills
• use persuasive language during interaction
• introduce themselves in a creative appealing manner with attention grabbing skills and transition statements while narrating
• know how to build rapport
This kind of people also avoid:
• making judgments on others
• generalizations
• redundancy while communicating
• mother tongue influence (MTI)
• word fillers

Onerous (difficult) X Easy

Some employees prefer tasks that are extremely challenging while others prefer easy, simple tasks.

Number (Quantity) X Quality

Some prefer quantity, lot of number while others prefer quality

Senses X Intangible

People get motivated Visually (body language, dress), Verbal (polite words), and Visceral (emotions).
There are several memorization techniques such as peg system, time travel, visualization and spatial memory that can help enhance your memory skills. However, mnemonics and acronyms are considered to be the oldest and easiest memory tool that cannot help to retain in the long term memory but also can easily be recalled spontaneously, without effort. So next time you want to recall creative ways to motivate employees, CARTOON Mnemonic will pop up in your mind.

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