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Everything in Transit: Hong Kong Second Time Around

By Killerfillers @killrfillr
Everything in Transit: Hong Kong Second Time Around
Though this trip was conspired in a snap, I was eagerly anticipating of coming back and exploring more of Hong Kong. Never have I thought I’d be back here after a year since we already went here with the family.   It was supposed to be a Bangkok trip but we were convinced by some friends to go back to Hong Kong instead.
Our last trip took us to Disneyland and Ocean Park, this time it was more of an adventure - right from the airport.  Arriving in the airport around noon we hurriedly get our bags and exit the arrival hall to look for a bus bound for Nathan Road. While trying to figure out what bus number we’re going to board, the wife suddenly realized  that we picked up the wrong bag.  Our agitation was suddenly  replaced with  disappointment.
Considering how much inconvenience and hassle it cause us  and the other passenger, we immediately went back to the departure hall.  After a few inquiries with airport personnel we ended up looking for the lost/unclaimed baggage office. Getting lost in such huge airport we didn’t notice that  almost half an hour has passed.  We’re a bit worried   that the passenger whose luggage we picked up by mistake might have leave the airport.  And my mind kept circling at the thought that the passenger might punch me in the face because of the hassle we have cause him/her.
I was assisted to go back to the luggage carousel by the HK airport personnel  and return the bag to the owner. Even before I can apologized for the inconvenience, the passenger (fortunately a fellow Filipino) immediately leave and grabbed his bag. It’s probably one of the most embarrassing that happened to us in the airport.   Nowadays with most luggage seemingly all looking alike (brand, color, style) it’s always good to check the name tag.  Mistakes happen, especially if you don't double-check - another lesson learned.
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