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Ever Scan the Obituaries and Feel Jealous of the Dead?

By Gran13

red rose 2Here are some of the things my husband said over a period of time so I linked them up  and this is the result.

Ever scan the obituaries and feel jealous of the dead? It’s like living on a cliffside, a buzzing in my head.

Do you know how it feels to see a world that once was clear change from white to gray then black; tomorrow’s filled with fear? I do my best to make each day as easy as I can and keep myself as busy as any other man.

There’s a sensation that I’m screaming, yet I never make a sound, or the feeling that I’m falling, yet never hit the ground. It keeps on rushing at me, day by day by day. Can you imagine what it must be like to have to live this way?

I know my wife is hurting. She tries not to let it show. Her smile covers her feelings. She continues with the flow.

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