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Eve of Destruction?

By Vickilane
Eve of Destruction? "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."  This seems to be the mentality of an uncomfortably large number of the American electorate who, unhappy with the status quo, are looking for a quick fix. Or a revolution.
There are the evangelicals who say that Trump was sent by God.  Try to wrap your head around that. But then Billy Graham's daughter says God sends terrorists to remind us we need him. Maybe Trump is a reminder along the same lines. But I digress. Of course many of these evangelicals are the same folks who would welcome Armageddon, who love the conflict in the Middle East as it brings the world closer to what they see as the biblical End Times. Could it be that the Beast with Bad Hair is foretold in Revelations? Oops, there I go digressing again. Then there's the Bernie or Bust group who, if their candidate doesn’t get the nod, say they'd welcome the cataclysm that is Trump – to destroy the system.
 And then what?
Eve of Destruction?
I see the frustration so many feel as they watch the world they knew changing, the world in which their status and privilege was a birthright. I see the fear of the unknown so many feel as social mores shift. And I see the impatience of so many with the Byzantine nomination process and party politics. . . Burn it down and build anew? I don't trust what might follow that revolution. I agree that we need change but, divided as our country is, one person's welcome change would surely be another person's idea of tyranny.  The change we need will require not revolution but a tedious, boring, frustratingly adult enterprise –a slow, two steps forward, one step back, process. It will necessitate compromise. Are there are enough adults in the electorate to accomplish this? Meanwhile, the buzzards are circling.
Eve of Destruction?

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