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Eric Cantor and His Dislike for Tea

Posted on the 11 June 2014 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
What!!...I lost?? It's impossible!! Internal Polling had him by 34 points to win, and lost by 12...somebody wasn't doing their math!!
From all the headlines, it appears Eric's historic defeat, may have triggered off the final straw, within
the GOP...and their Tea loving allies; "GOP in Chaos", "Shocking!!", "Republican Civil War about to Explode", "Establishment has Lost Control", "Conservatives consider Eric Cantor a Fraud"...and more headlines and more the days pass.
In the aftermath of such a 'surprise' least, to Establishment Republicans...the spin doctors are spinning their BS...every Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, and Libertarian "Expert" expertly analyzing the situation...and all Political Writers, Columnists, and Bloggers...are writing their shpiel throughout the Internet and in Hard Copy. The Immigration Issue?? Bad Polling??...very bad polling!! Not taking his opponent seriously enough?? Conservatives want a lot of answers, and Liberals just want to say...Bye! Bye! So Long, Farewell...the September, of your Political life 'has' arrived!!

Let's be frank about Eric Cantor; he ran a very arrogant campaign...dismissing his opponent too quickly, thinking he would breeze by him. In Cantor's defense...his opponent, Economics Professor Dave Brat, dropped the ball...on a question about the Minimum Wage. Apparently he's not the smartest cookie in the Tea's Cookie Factory. Experts knew Cantor was safe, against this guy. He spend more $$$ than fact, his staff spend more $$$ in a dinner, than Dave Brat's entire campaign cost!!
Everything may have contributed to is loss...but he lost because, who he really was...a Congressman, who did more to build his career, than to the needs of his Constituents. When it comes to real life crisis, where communities work together, and politics is set aside...Eric Cantor, turned his back on his
Community...and the Country. No Federal Disaster Relief in his Community, unless it's tied to Budget Cuts. For 'that', he proved where his Heart is...and his Constituency honored him, with a historic feat:
No sitting House Majority Leader has lost since 1899!! Bye! Bye! Eric!!

 Virginia Primary Results: Eric Cantor Stunned By Tea Party Challenger Dave Brat In Massive Upset

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