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Posted on the 24 May 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

america in a nutshell / they're all nuts

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for Illegal Immigrants

men are created Equal” in its totality has never held true in any country or
culture. As human beings, our sense of arrogance seems to be inborn; believing
that class, color, looks, money, or status makes one better than the other
(low-class, middle-class, high-class, and back, white, Mexican). While creation
makes us each totally different in many ways, none of us are better than the
other; if we eliminate class, color, money, and status from the equation we
are all simply people. With this in mind, coupled with the criteria for
judgment, I do not believe that illegal immigrants have rights to the same
entitlements as legal citizens. If we are indeed, equal, than we all must
adhere to the same sense of principles; no exception, as no one person deserves
considerations another cannot get.

While I do believe passionately in education, the privilege to drive, some entitlements, and social security, giving these privileges to people whom are here illegally is unethical using any criteria. Obligation, morality, and more importantly consequences dictate a need for the current policies, which protect country borders, not just here in the United States, but around the world. World history has proven a need for a country’s stringent laws concerning entering another country for any reason; 9/11 is a perfect example of the need for such concern. Unfortunately, not every human being considers another’s life, virtue, or property, as being their right, furthermore, some extremists believe it is their ethical duty to kill other nationalities shall they be given citizens rights and entitlements?

Ideally, if every person on earth
respected the rights and feelings of others, the need for borders, policies,
and laws, would be unnecessary. The fact remains that there are indeed evil
people in existence, and these laws and policies are not only
necessary, but also critical for the security of every country around the
world. While I continually pray for peace on earth, and the ability for man to
roam free, I believe that this will only happen upon the coming of the Lord.

The reason that I chose this inquiry
is because not only do I truly believe in protecting a country and its people,
but not everyone is good, that is pure fact; I do not want to let any more evil
into this country. We need to know who is entering. Everyone who has good
intentions is welcome as far as I am concerned, however, those that are not
peaceful cannot. As I read this inquiry, I put myself in the shoes of the
illegal immigrant, to think their way; would I try to go to another country
illegally? No, I would not. The only practical reason that I could find for
someone entering illegally was, that they could not enter legally for criminal
issues. Therefore, I could not connect good reasoning with the action.


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