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Entitlement Reform: Bureaucratic Bull

Posted on the 10 August 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl
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   Americans have heard the term
entitlement reform before; previous Presidents and Congresses have spewed that
bull for years. Now, with the American economy in peril, they are at it again.
It is obvious that reform of the entitlement programs will not be accomplished.
For years spending has been out of control and the welfare programs are still
broken beyond repair; furthermore, Medicare seems to be their main target. This
is a program that is PAID into by working Americans –it’s not free. Why are
they not threatening the programs given to below the poverty line Americans
that have NEVER paid into the system? Giving drug addicts, alcoholics, and ‘baby
factories’ continuous aid, enabling them to continue to be addicts, alcoholics,
and producing children they refuse to raise to be productive members of society;
producing an even more entitled society. That’s right –I said it!

   In the 80s and 90s, my mother was
considered a ‘Welfare Queen’; working the system, and teaching her children to
do the same (if she had spent as much time working as she did working the
system, she could have paid her own way through life). It seems that times have
not changed much in 2011/2012. The recipients are not the only ones to blame however;
Congress and the entitlement programs are continuing the same destructive
enabling behavior as previous years. And, once again Washington D.C. cannot
bring themselves to put these programs on the chopping block! I am not saying
these programs should be completely eliminated, but I am saying they should be reformed
at best.

   First and foremost, drug addicts and
alcoholics should only be given entitlements for a max of one year; in this
time they must attend rehab and job training –after that, they are no longer eligible
for benefits, period! Addiction is curable! I was an addict, and now reformed;
I am in college working toward a productive life in a productive society. I am
tired of the coddling system raping the American taxpayer all to support and
enable drug addiction and alcoholism! Granted, there are people that truly need
these programs; it is now time to distinguish between those who are in need of
help and those in need of a swift kick in the ass! It is time to put on your
ass kickin’ boots Congress!

   President Obama had this to say
about bringing these programs to the reform table: “This is a matter of
everybody having a serious conversation about where we want to go and then
ultimately getting in that boat at the same time so it doesn’t tip over” (ABC
News, 2011). Well Mr. President, the boat has sunk and American taxpayers are
grabbing for life jackets that just are not there! Somebody in Washington D.C.
needs to grow a pair and fix this ridiculous attempt to be charitable;
furthermore, leave Medicare and our seniors alone –they paid their way!

   Additionally, start holding the
medical system accountable for over- charging Medicare and Medicaid; doing unnecessary
tests, lab work, and over prescribing narcotics to already addicted recipients.
And, just in case you don’t know –one extra-strength Tylenol does not cost $12!
These medical practices drive up health care costs for everyone else and it
needs to stop today! Or, would you rather push ‘grandma’ off a cliff so you no
longer have to pay her Medicare? We must gain control over these over-charging
practices before no American can afford health care or medication. Grandma and
Grandpa should not have to eat cat food so they can pay for their heart

   Furthermore Congress, why don’t you
consider paying your own health insurance and retirement, and come down to the
economic plight with the rest of us. Taxpayers spend more to support our
ever-growing government that we do anything else! It is a job not a career;
when you get out of office –get a job like everyone else! We are tired of
paying a lifetime monetary value for your short time in office. And, if you
want to take Air Force one for a joy-ride, pay for the fuel yourself! That
would be a viable start to debt reform! Stop the tyranny –or your terms WILL be


News. (2011, February 15). GOP to Obama on entitlement reform: No seriously,

   Go first.



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