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Enstrom 480

By Htam

2018_TAM_0474_D7100.jpg@San Carlos Airport, San Carlos, CA

December 2018

The arrival of Santa via helicopter is an annual tradition at the Hiller Aviation Museum and the rotorcraft have varied over the years.  This year this Enstrom had the honors. Originally developed as the TH-28 for a US Army New Training Helicopter competition, the civilian version 480 was certified in 1993 with over 140 delivered. Besides use in many civilian flight schools, the 480 is in service with six foreign air forces. A feature of Enstrom’s helicopters is the lack of exposed pitch change links for the main rotor, as the mechanisms are contained inside the hollow main rotor shaft, lowering aerodynamic drag. Nikon D500 w/80-400mm.

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