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Enola Holmes

By Vickilane
Enola Holmes
This Netflix offering was good fun. It's undoubtedly aimed at a teen age audience but since I spend about a third of my waking time playing with a three year old, teen age feels like a step up. Plus you gotta love a story where the heroine saves the handsome romantic interest.

I'm not a Holmes purist. I enjoy the original stories, Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, and Benedict Cumberbatch. I love the Laurie R. King series that gives Sherlock a much younger partner/wife. I was delighted with Neil Gaiman's story that had Sherlock in China, pursuing longevity. (It seems to have worked.)I can't wait to introduce an older Josie to Enola. Just recently Josie has been pretending to solve mysteries--which involves putting on a (pretend) mask and creeping around bent over looking for clues. Perhaps we could skip Nancy Drew and go straight to Enola.There's a YA series the movie is based on--I'll have to look into this. Have any of you read these?

HavEnola Holmes

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