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Ending Another Term...

By Pmeurice
End of Spring term at Heatherley School of Fine Art. 
Pleasant atmosphere in Allan Ramsay's portrait class. Each of us enjoyed a session with two models...  I chose to work on a graphite study. Ashley - the model -  was posing quietly. It was very nice to work with her, as she was admirably holding her pose. 
I arrived at this session tired from my week - I was raging on the drawing I began last week, and felt the need to start another work - I was progressively absorbed by Ashley's calm beauty. In the end, a very relaxing afternoon.
Here is the graphite study, and some of the steps in the drawing : 

Ending another term...

Ashley - Graphite study

Ending another term...
Ending another term...

This session was the last of the term - and marks the beginning of the Summer! Outdoor activities are planned ahead - and I shall return to more landscapes and cityscapes. 
I will not forget Human Figure though... As definitely more to be studied in this area, before - surely - returning to practice Life Portraiture. But for now - let's enjoy being outside! 

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