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Eiga Sai: the Japanese Film Festival -- The Summit

By Juanatravels

Eiga Sai: the Japanese Film Festival -- The Summit

photo from a Japanese blog  

After the French Film Festival, came the Japanese Film Festival, which I also got really excited about. So yesterday, I met up with M at Shangri-la to catch one of the movies scheduled for the day.  We (with Ed and Aica) only got to line up for The Summit: a Chronicle of Stones and were not really sure about what to except aside from it being a 'mountaineer' movie.  Initially, I was a bit afraid that I might end up sleeping through the 2+ hours of movie run time especially after finding out that it's about climbing Tsurujidake in the 1900s to complete the map of Japan.  I wasn't that attentive during the first few minutes after the film started rolling but as soon as scenes from the mountain were shown, I was all eyes!  The photo on the left's one of the most awesome clips from the film!  Completely breath taking!  I can't wait to visit Japan and hopefully climb some of her peaks.  In any case, The Summit was good.  I found myself wondering through out the movie how the cast and crew managed to film the whole thing with all their equipment!  Amazing!  Couldn't help but wish someone could produce movies like these in the Philippines as well. hehehe :DCOPYRIGHT © 2011 JuanaTravels.

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