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Eid Mubarak | Makeup, Clothes, and Henna!

By Townhousepalette @townhousepal
Eid Mubarak | Makeup, Clothes, and Henna!

Hello and Eid Mubarak♡ Eid is a day that commemorates the end of the thirty-day fast for Muslims around the globe. It is interesting because not a lot of people know that Eid is the holiday most Muslims celebrate around the world. I would love if you left a comment and told me what you think, if you would like more posts like this:)
Eid Mubarak | Makeup, Clothes, and Henna!Eid Mubarak | Makeup, Clothes, and Henna!
Eid Mubarak | Makeup, Clothes, and Henna!
Eid Mubarak | Makeup, Clothes, and Henna!
Eid Mubarak | Makeup, Clothes, and Henna!
Eid Mubarak | Makeup, Clothes, and Henna! My Base
I really wanted a natural look, but I decided to go for a dewy look. My skin is more on the drier side especially in humidity and with the air conditioner. I did a pretty light coverage with no concealer.  I really liked my foundation, it is probably the first drugstore foundation to fit my skin tone. I will be doing a review soon on it. To keep it short and simple...I love it.

Makeup in order:

Elf Mineral Infused Primer in clear
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 235
Buffed in with knock-off beauty blender from TJ Max
Makeup Forever Matte Velvet+ in 60 for contouring
Sheer Cover duo concealer in Light/Medium for highlighting
My Cheeks
Just some simple corral cheeks, I bought with my foundation. First powder blush to actually show up on my skin. Good job Maybelline!
Makeup in order:
Maybelline Fit me blush in Medium Coral
My Eyes
Really simple and traditional. Just some Gold eye-shadow and thin liner. I smudged the liner out for a more natural look. One coat of mascara:) I used the concealer as my eye because primers never work.
Makeup in order:
'Half-Baked' from the Naked Palette all-over the lid
'Crave' from the Naked Palette Basic Palette as liner
applied with the MyGlam liner brush from Ipsy
One by One by Maybelline in black
My Henna
My Henna was done on chand rhaat by a lovely girl named Pooja. It was very late and she was very tired. So, we kept it simple.

My Outfit/Duppatta 

This outfit was actually gifted by my uncle and aunt. They had bought this outfit from Pakistan before coming for a visit. Believe it or not, but the little circles surrounding the collar are little mirrors. My duppatta was my favorite part!. 1/2 was in red and the other half was in orange.  To divide the two sections was a blue cloth with gold accents. Then the entire scarf had a turquoise outline.
What did you do for your Eid?
Eid Mubarak | Makeup, Clothes, and Henna!
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