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Egyptair Flight MS804 Goes Missing Over the Eastern Mediterranean.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Egyptair flight MS804 goes missing over the Eastern Mediterranean.

Overnight there were reports of an Egyptair Airbus A320 aircraft flying from Paris France to Cairo going missing over the Mediterranean Sea. The flight took off at 23.09 hours Paris time and it had just entered Egyptian airspace when air traffic control connections to the airplane was lost. It is feared that the aircraft crashed into the sea and search teams are now looking in the area where last contact was made.

Egyptair flight MS804 goes missing over the Eastern Mediterranean.

At the moment we have Mercury (and Mars) retrograde and I believe that there is always more of a chance of technical things going wrong under these kinds of energies, especially with regard to transportation which Mercury rules. Now I always try and take a slightly different view on any incident of this type and looking back at the Astrology, there were plenty of indications that something difficult was going to happen.

Firstly, the chart which I have set for Cairo, the destination for the plane and apparently it lost radar contact just a few minutes into Egyptian airspace over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This chart sees Mercury retrograde at 14 degrees Taurus inconjunct to Saturn at 14 degrees Sagittarius. Inconjunct aspects are ones of adjustment, separation change, and in particular difficult loss especially when Saturn is involved. Mercury at 14 Taurus is now closely conjunct to the star Menkar, the prime star in the constellation of Cetus the whale, the sea monster. Menkar a very troubling and chaotic star connected to the seas, deep water, collective emotion and the human unconscious and an air disaster over water absolutely fits the bill for this difficult inconjunct connection.

Mercury is also is currently part of a grand earth trine, connecting to Pluto the planet of death and change to Jupiter the planet of international events. Any airplane crash as this appears to be connects several countries, nationalities and peoples and the news spreads around the world very quickly. Finally of course we have a difficult t-square operating too, with Saturn at the midpoint of a Jupiter Neptune opposition. Neptune again rules the seas and mysteries, and Saturn brings loss and difficult events to test us all. That's just the skies that this event happened under.

Egyptair was originally formed as Misr Airlines on 7th June 1932 in Cairo and putting the current position of the planets against that date brings some interesting results. Firstly, Egyptair is now experiencing it's Uranus return, and that return is square to a Pluto Moon conjunction, assuming the company was formed during daylight hours, which to me seems likely. This square promises unexpected and potentially destructive public events.

Egyptair flight MS804 goes missing over the Eastern Mediterranean.

Transiting Saturn opposes the Egyptair Sun, as ever a difficult time of hardship and loss for the company and one maybe of restructuring too, especially as transiting Pluto makes a difficult inconjunct to that natal Sun as well. Pluto also opposes natal Venus, so it's relationship with society in general and it's financial position is likely to take a hit if this does prove to be an air disaster. Finally, Egyptair is experiencing a half Nodal return, transiting South Node on natal North Node and visa versa, therefore this is a difficult time for the direction of the company, a crossroads moment for them.

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