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Eggs Benedict Casserole for St Benedict

By Veronica46

Today is the Feast of Saint Benedict. I decided to make Eggs Benedict Casserole for his feast day

Eggs Benedict Casserole for St Benedict

He was born in Italy around 480. In his early years he was educated in Rome, but quickly became disenfranchised by life in the city.

He moved to Subiaco where he became a hermit and lived in a cave for three years. Even though Benedict was doing his own thing in the cave, he became well know and was asked by some monks in Vicovarco to become their abbot. They became disgruntled and didn't like how Benedict ran things in the monastery, so they tried to poison him.

He returned to Subiaco and attracted more disciples and began to organize them into 12 monastery. He left in 525 reportedly over a disagreement with a fellow priest Florentius and settled into Monte Cassino. This is where he destroyed a pagan temple and brought the people of the area back to Christianity. He died at Monte Cassino on March 21st.

Eggs Benedict Casserole
Eggs Benedict Casserole for St Benedict

Eggs Benedict Casserole



Peace be with you,


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