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Eco-prisoners Continue Exposing BOP’s Shady “Communications Management”

Posted on the 07 March 2013 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal
CMU imageLast weeks, the EF! Newswire reported on legal challenges filed by Susan Tipograph, an attorney representing imprisoned ELF activist Marie Mason, related to her placement in a “control-management”-type prison unit in Carswell, Texas, because of her status as a political prisoner.       While the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has continued to maintain that Carswell is not an official Communications Management Unit (CMU), we have learned enough from the BOP to know that they cannot be trusted. And this less-than-sneaky suspicion has only been re-affirmed by the ongoing work of the Center for Constitutional Rights and their client, another well known ecoprisoner, Daniel McGowan, who is currently finishing his sentence at a halfway house in NYC.   McGowan’s lawyers at Center for Constitutional Rights have released a new flyer about the CMUs that the Bureau of Prisons operates. These are the units Daniel was held in for most of his prison 5.5 year sentence and the subject of a lawsuit (Aref v Holder) brought by Daniel and other former/current CMU prisoners. You can read the text of the flyer here and you can download a PDF of the two page flyer here or by clicking on the image above. 
We are told that a more substantial update on both the CMU case and how Daniel is doing on the outside are coming soon. And we hope to hear more from Marie’s ongoing case as well.
In the meantime check out supportdaniel.org and supportmarie.org to learn more.

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