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Eclipse Watch – An Upcoming Look at the Next Solar Eclipse on 25th November 2011

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

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I have always been fascinated by eclipses, maybe because I am closely associated with the Sun being a Sun sign Leo by birth. The Solaris name I use came to me on the day of a solar eclipse, and the effects of them and the ramifications of the totality point is something I study with great interest. The last eclipse of 1st July caused havoc for many across the world and as I have mentioned on this blog, the effects of that cardinal cross eclipse are still being felt.

I look at eclipses in a certain way. I look at the degree points of all the planets at the exact moment of the new Moon created, as if they burn a line on the horoscope chart. I believe that those points become highly sensitised, especially to transiting planets in the future. With regard to the last eclipse we still have one major hurdle to cross. As Pluto was retrograde at the time of the last eclipse, it has yet to get back to the point of 6 degrees 7 minutes where it was sitting on 1st July. It gets there just 2 days after the next eclipse of 25th November. Trust me, the end of November is going to be a very tricky time. Something big and noteworthy could well happen.

Ok let’s look at the astro weather for 25th November 11. We have a mutual eclipse this time around with the eclipse point at 2 degrees 36 in Sagittarius. This eclipse according to Bernadette Brady (the guru of astrological eclipse watchers) is part of the Saros Series 14N, one she says is quite unusual highlighting times of confusion in relationships, unexpected happenings in financial affairs and bring the possibility of possible illness. She says a lot of confusion will follow after this eclipse, potential despair, and peculiar events may happen.

SolarEclipse 25 Nov11

The chart for the eclipse shows the New Moon in Sagittarius, so issues around Jupiter will be in focus. These are over expansion, wisdom, knowledge, education, religion, law and possibly long distance travel. The chart’s main feature is a grand earth trine which does feature Jupiter in Taurus. The other points of this trine include Mars and a conjunction of Venus and Pluto (Pluto is in earth in Capricorn and Venus is just in Sagittarius a mutual sign). The main theme of this chart I believe is money control, and changes in relationships. The Venus Pluto conjunction shows constriction of money and action (Mars) to cut the overexpansion and wastage (Jupiter). We already know that in the US as a result of the budget deal in August, a pan Democratic/Republican committee is to decide on cuts and where to swing the axe. In the UK we will have public sector strikes planned for 5 days after the eclipse against the cuts in pensions. Venus as well as finance rules relationships, and the influence of Pluto may affect them acutely, making and breaking. As Jupiter is highlighted, we may see international treaties or agreements coming about. Then again, potential treaties may be blocked because of the influence of Pluto. That Venus Pluto is square to Uranus, this Pluto Uranus square will keep on for another 3 years so expect the protests against the financial world and big business like in Wall Street to intensify yet more. One other possibility to consider. Underground religious sects may be formed around now, ones which in times to come may become more prevalent. Pluto conjunct Venus shows underground social movements, and the link to Mars and Jupiter show possible beginnings in faith based groups.

The eclipse point is square to Neptune and Mars. Is this a hint towards collective action? Neptune if anything is left wing, more socialist than capitalist. Is the world going to move towards more socially based policies on the back of this eclipse? Are the protests of mobs and collective groups going to force the hands of the leaders of the world? Uranus is also trine the eclipse point, so in the next 6 months while this eclipse is in action, I can see more change, progression and people continuing to taking things into their own hands, as in Libya. On a financial sense, there is another hint to change. We have a mini grand trine formed by a Neptune/Saturn trine with Venus at the point. I wonder if the capitalist system that we know now including banking is going to be tweaked with more emphasis on protecting the general population. With Mars, Jupiter (through a nasty inconjunct aspect), Uranus & Neptune directly connecting with this eclipse in Sagittarius, I get the feeling that we will see quite a few unusual, unexplained disasters and accidents, especially long distance travel based, maybe by ship or by plane.

Finally, I always look to see if any malefic planets are currently retrograde and will thus pass over the eclipse degree in the future. This often brings date to watch out for, times when unfortunate events may occur. Immediately we notice that Uranus is retrograde. Uranus will revisit it’s eclipse degree at Xmas 2011. This is relevant as after the last eclipse on 1st July, as Uranus hit it’s eclipse degree, the Norway tragedy happened. Something similar could happen, a shocking disaster that will reverberate around the world.

Ok, does this eclipse hit any countries directly. The effect of an eclipse on the US is always difficult to pinpoint, as we do not the official birth time of the country. I favour either a Sagittarius or Scorpio ascendant, in this case, the eclipse hits in either the 1st (Scorpio Ascendant) the overall prosperity of the nation or the 12th (Sagittarius Ascendant) in the house of hidden enemies, welfare state, institutions like hospitals and prisons and those in need and suffering.

In the UK, the eclipse hits in the 2nd house so money and financial issues will tend to suffer, no surprise there then. The eclipse is also almost exactly square to Pluto. The financial squeeze is really going to hurt. As a side issue to the UK, the eclipse hits the natal Scottish Sun (25th Nov 1034). Might the issue of independence really start to hit home at this time? Pluto will be opposite the UK Midheaven very soon and conjunct the Scottish natal Mars. I can see action being taken to force the issue.

In Russia, the eclipse hits in the 4th house, the house of the land and the workers. Natal Pluto is almost on the Russian North Node also in the 4th opposite to natal Pluto in the 10th house of those in charge. As I mentioned earlier, this eclipse may see the rise of the political left. Is this the rise of communism again in Russia, taking tighter control of the state? This is a regenerative influence, and the likelihood of Putin re-taking control of the Presidency which seems a dead certainty, may well herald a return to the bad old days of socialist leadership.

With Israel, the eclipse hits in the 2nd house like in the UK, so financial and issues of national wealth are going to be under pressure. Natal Saturn lands within 2 degrees of the Israeli ascendant and exactly square to the Midheaven so I see a change at the top, precipitated by protest. The Palestine chart finds the eclipse in the 3rd house of local issues, transport, the press, internet as well as neighbouring nations and it is trine to natal Mars which is being hit by transiting Uranus. That Uranus also squares to natal Saturn (exact) and is square to it’s own position. I get the feeling that relations between Israel and the Palestinians are going to get soured and violent, possibly as the hope of a Palestinian state is crushed by opposition of other nations, especially the US.

Greece has been in the news recently so how does the eclipse affect the Greeks? The eclipse hits in the 5th house of entertainment and pleasure. Sport is also found here as are children and social functions. Are these going to be curbed, limited and affected due to the continuing financial pressure? The eclipse is trine to the natal Sun and sextile to the Moon Pluto conjunction. it appears to me that  Greek society as a whole is going to remain rather depressed and constricted, for the time being at least.

The European Union may well benefit from this eclipse. The eclipse hits very close to the North Node in the 4th house. Here is a new energy to push forward and bring new initiatives. Mars squares the nodal axis and trines the European Midheaven, so action should be taken to make the union work better, Mars will be in the first house at the time giving the European leaders plenty of initiative. The only thing is, will Europe be able under the complicated structure that it is be able to grab these new chances to restructure and renew what is necessary to change?  

If you want to know about any other specific country and how I see things fairing there, please email me and I will add to this post if I can track down the country’s natal chart.

Eclipses also affect everyone personally of course. If you want to know how the next coming eclipse will affect you, and you have all your birth details (name, date of birth and time of birth) then please click on the link below which will take you to a page where you can order a special eclipse report. I will look at the transits of 25th November against your chart and suggest the best course of action for you over the following 6 months.

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