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Eat My Words

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood
Just when I thought a fun week couldn't get any better, I got a call from the mail room. A box had arrived for me and my colleague. A box that they needed to keep in the fridge. "Huh?" Number of thoughts went through my head, perhaps I had a stalker who sent me a creepy gift or perhaps it was a gag gift. When I finally went to pick up the box, I was convinced they had the wrong person. Sure, I do get the occasional flowers (well, preferably not sent to the office) and sure, sometimes we get random gifts (being in PR and all) but this box looked magical.
Eat my Words
We were both quite puzzled and couldn't wait a minute longer to open the card. Whaddaya know. One of our friends (and former colleagues), sent a dozen cupcakes for us. But these aren't just your ordinary cupcakes. These are feel-good, do-good cupcakes from Eat My Words. 
Eat my Words
What do I mean by that? Well, Eat My Words donates the proceeds from each of their treats to the Stephen Lewis Foundation to help ease the pain of HIV/AIDS in Africa. How amazing is that - right? Although the calories are still there, that fact that you're doing something good for the world makes it easier to digest. Everything looks incredibly delicious on their site and the rumor is, Eat My Words made Beyonce's birthday cake when she was in Toronto a few years back. Wow.... to recap. A Tiffany Blue Hat Box, filled with a gorgeous flower cupcakes. Each cupcake is a piece of food art. Proceeds go to support a really really great cause. What more do you need?
You just have to check them out. I'll also tell you that they don't stick to the ordinary vanilla or chocolate cupcakes. They have Belgian Chocolate, Vanilla Lemon, Vanilla Raspberry and Carrot Cranberry. Yup, I can eat my words anytime!
Cheers to good buds & good causes!
Enjoy!Foodie Wife

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