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Eat Love Pray

By Jenrene
It’s so funny because I just read a blog about this movie… and she had similar thoughts as I did… about going to the movies alone…I was trying to think of whom to call and watch the movie with because I heard Oprah say it was going to be a “girlfriend movie” and we needed to all go together. Well… I was so anxious I went to the VERY  first movie showing BY MYSELF… and loved it!  The reason I loved  this movie was because many of these ARE life lessons I have LIVED! Without giving away too much of the movie, I can offer a reviews without telling it all… yet embracing the words of life  in this movie! ;0)

Here’s the life lessons I learned from it:

1. “ Sometimes to lose balance for love is to LIVE a balanced life.”

I was able to lose balance and fall deeply in love with all my vulnerability! When I realized I could let go and Love.. BALANCE really DID come into my life! How true!!

2. “Forgive yourself. Don’t live in an ocean of regret.”

I’ve been here in fact I sat her for at least a few years in my life. And then, I realized that all of life is meant to be embraced. Even IF we have made some mistakes that are life changing! Life was meant to be loved, and one day I woke up and realized that if I wasn’t happy, then I shouldn’t be living that kind of life. Forgiveness of self brought me my greatest lease on life!!

3. “ Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.”

Wow… I believe this, but don’t know how to explain it… all I can say is ruin was my Teacher. It taught me what I didn’t want, and would never accept again.

4.   We must all learn to exercise “the sweetness of doing  nothing”. (Check,.. check check!) This is definitely me! Smile. I never feel guilty for feeling my own vibe! Life is too short not to enjoy and even if I get a lil lazy, that’s okay, because if I’m smiling it’s well worth it all…

5. “You must know where you are at every moment.”

Life is too short to live on standby… why not life it with vigor and full intention! Smile. I believe this wholeheartedly, because my lease on life came through self reflection. Twenty five… maybe thirty years of it! There are times I’ve earmarked the page of my life and said: “my journals” have literally SAVED my life… and now I know the truth of it all… they help save the lives of others, too. Social work may have become my profession, but not by chance~ truly  it was by divine intervention! Smile.

Life lessons, indeed. This may be the first movie I ever took notes on while watching it. I also can’t recall the last time I went to a movie by myself and I highly recommend EVERYONE try it at least once, with a movie they have been anticipating on coming out. (Smile)

I tried to decide how to best post this movie.. but I couldn’t decide, so I am sending pics and video clips, all in one!

Here’s the link: right here.

Thanks for letting me share! ~ JenRene

Eat Love Pray
Jenn about to take some serious risks and climb a 25″ pole!

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