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Easy Portion Sizes for on the Go

By Craftymamablog

The last couple weeks I’ve been busy getting everything ready for the kids to go back to school. I’ve been all over Pinterest pinning all the lunch ideas and back to school ideas I can! But today I have a tip for my readers that has helped me a lot!

Keep a measuring cup handy for portioning out snacks. This helps me so much when packing lunches, giving the kids snacks, and especially, with dieting. If I have something in the house that’s high calorie, like trail mix, I just leave one of my measuring cups in the bag so I’m more likely to portion it out rather than grab random handfuls throughout the day. You can find measuring cups at the dollar store, and I always keep 2-3 sets on hand (mainly because I bake way too often!).

Keep a measuring cup in with trail mix and other snacks to keep portion sizes.

Keep a measuring cup in with trail mix to keep portion sizes.

I hope this tip helps!

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