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Easy Holiday Baking: Nutty Nougat

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood
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Fluffy, nutty, Nougat or as the Italians call it, Torrone. I accidentally stumbled into making this nutty nougat. Yes, you're probably asking yourself, "How does someone discover this accidentally?" Well, it all started with my attempt to make marshmallows. For years, I was under the impression that making torrone or nougat was to be left to a professional baker or friends who can follow instructions (you know who you are). Turns out, it couldn't be simpler. Are you starting to see a theme? If it's easy but looks difficult, that's my kinda job. This particular recipe ended up being extra special since I made the fluffy marshmallows from scratch but I assure you, if I can do it... anyone can! In fact, I'd say this is one of the most kid friendly recipes out there especially if you don't care about you or your kids being covered in whipped sugar. 
First the recipe for the snowflake marshmallows, courtesy of Martha Stewart. You can find it here.  I basically spread this ooey gooey fluff onto a baking sheet, dumped a combination of walnuts, pecans and almonds and covered with rice paper. I let it harden for a few hours and then cut into diamonds. Here is a recipe from Anna Olsen that you can follow. Told you it was easy. What I can also tell you is that, once you eat one, you'll want to keep going. Oh yes. Soon, I'll only exclusively wear jogging pants and leggings to accommodate another nougat in my tummy. Crap. Anyway, I keep forgetting to mention hungry husband's reaction to my baking bonanza. Of course, he was excited to try everything but I'll reveal his favorite once I've shared all the recipes. Stay tuned. 
Easy Holiday Baking: Nutty NougatHope you'll give this nutty nougat a chance. It's calling your name...

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