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Easter Weekend

By Saltykisses @svprili

happy easter


Easter was almost forgotten about this year. We remembered just in time and hit the grocery store in Spanish Wells only to find out that they had sold out over 2 weeks ago, bugga. So we crossed our fingers and went down the road to a local gift shop and found a 12 pack of plastic eggs, but nothing to put in them so I bought a rather expensive bag of jelly beans. EASTER WAS SAVED. If only we remembered the night before. The bunny was a little late this year, arriving at 2pm.

We were anchored off Harbor Island. It was a pretty wonderful weekend even though we weren’t that thrilled with the island. We had our own personal firework show about 100’ away. We were pretty much forced to watch the show just to make sure they didn’t burn a hole in our sails.

Wags gave Pri a pretty good shiner on the first day of arrival. we always knew that someday soon one of the girls was going to get a black eye, we just always thought it would be the other way around.


Spent an awesome arvo on the pink sands beaches and found a great fair to hang out at. I’m pretty sure state side they wouldn’t allow this many kids on an inflatable slide all at once. Pri went down head first and came up with a rather scared look on her face. She got trampled and push but no tears, brave little soul. Safe to say she didn’t want another go on it and Wags went as pale as a ghost when I asked her if she wanted a turn. “no mumma” poor button.


We’re back at Spanish Wells now, our favorite little place in the Bahamas. So far the top 3 places are:

Spanish Wells (off Eluthera)

Hope Town (Abacos)

Manjack (Abacos)

Make sure you put those places on your list when heading to The Bahamas!

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