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Easter Nest Egg Tutorial

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Easter Nest Egg TutorialIt's no secret that chickens hatch out of eggs, and that their mothers lay them, and that everyone ponders the which came first... so why not be a little quirky and place an egg inside a nest inside an egg.
Here's what you'll need - experiment with all the same colour, or complimentary shades;
  • Paper cupcake liners in two sizes, 
  • Craft chickens,
  • Chocolate eggs, &
  • Shredded paper. 

To make the craft ensemble;
  • place a small cupcake liner inside a large one.
  • Inside the large liner, (and around the smaller one), place some shredded paper.
  • Inside the small cupcake liner place a chicken and a chocolate egg.
  • Resting over the top of the whole arrangement place another large cupcake liner so that the 'nest-egg' is closed.

When visitors arrive at their table setting, or children arrive looking for sweet treats, they can lift the lid, (or hatch the egg), and there inside will be a nest bearing gifts!
This is a quick and easy craft which toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy making as much as eating... so go on... make an edible nest egg with your own cheeky chicks!

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