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Easing Muscle Pain with Apple Cider Vinegar

By Roserighter @roserighter
I've been lifting heavy for a year and half now and my muscles are always sore. I've tried listening to my trainer's advice on stretching, eating enough protein and increasing my supplements, but nothing has worked to ease the constant pain I feel through my quads and hip flexors. I've actually been working out less (and gaining weight) because I felt my body was overworked and needed the rest.
Last week two of my coworkers were talking about the power of apple cider vinegar. I was skeptical, but I have heard it touted as a weight loss method for many years. They experiences tooth ache relief and muscle relief from taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before bed. So I decided to give it a shot. Day one I took one tablespoon, straight. It was awful and almost unbearable. I felt pain shoot down my throat, my eyes watered and my nose felt inflamed. The next morning, however, the tension in my legs had lessened.
I read up on the benefits and dangers of apple cider vinegar. It is an amazing cure for many things, but what I did find out is that its not a good idea to drink it straight. Because it is acidic acid, it can eat away at your tooth enamel and burn your esophagus. Instead, take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 tablespoon of honey and mix it with a cup of hot water. I have done this the last few nights and it is totally doable. It tasted almost like an herbal tea.
The progress I have seen so far is encouraging. After just a few days of taking this drink before bed, the pain in my legs is completely gone. They haven't felt this good in months, since at least before my last competition in August. I feel more energetic and can more with ease now. I'm looking forward to going to the gym tonight to see how it affects my workout.

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