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Dueling Dumbos: About False Conservatives & Political Pretenders

Posted on the 12 August 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history" ~~~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
And the Fools' Parade continues!...there's a reason why this futile exercise in serious political debates by the Republicans every 4 years, is called; "The Great American Clown Show". Now, two Masters of the Hoodwink and Political Illusion are at each others throat, accusing one another of who's the most "False Conservative" degenerate of the two!
Is Donald Trump a false conservative? well, yea!...he is a false conservative, but he's a false liberal, too!...The Donald's only allegiance is to his arrogant egotistical boorish self! Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of Rand Paul's flailing campaign is showing it's cracks.
It's hilarious that Rand Paul accuses the Trumpster of hijacking the Tea Party. A Republican Conservative? or rather a Libertarian who hoodwinked the Tea Party into becoming an early darling for the batshit sector of the GOP?  His inability to fully understand his opponents, perceive the views of the rank & file, and voter trends...along with his continued criss-crossing and flip-flopping on every single issue...Rand's stock with the Tea lovers is at an all-time low. With new batshit crazy Politicos coming out of the woodwork everyday...each one crazier than the other...Ron Paul's boy with his dry, slow, and boring campaign style, just doesn't have that insult loving rude charisma that attracts the sordid minds of today's Republican voter. Even with better and more legitimate credentials, Paul's too boring and not batshit crazy enough compared to the flamboyant Trumpster.
Who Hijacked and Hoodwinked who?? It's no secret that the Tea Party hijacked the GOP and hoodwinked their way into taking control of the Republican Party! The GOP created this monster, and are now paying the price for that great adventure. The fact that there's 17 Candidates running for the titular leadership of the Party, shows the dissatisfaction within the Party on finding at least one single strong viable contender. 32% of the GOP makes Trump the Party's Top Gun, but that's one schmuck out of 17 wannabees...and at the end, only 32% of the entire Republican Party likes the antics and theatrics of The Donald, while the rest of 68% tries to avoid him like the plague!
With all the political infighting, Teabaggers pushing their influence, John Boehner sleeping with whomever helps him keep the Speakership, the lowest Congressional ratings in US History, the inability of 14 other professional politicos to take a lead over an insulting rude amateur billionaire, portraying the role of a 2016 political pretender...chaos looms throughout the RNC. With every Party Policy and every Political Issue going contrary to Conventional Wisdom and diving South in the there any hope in the horizon? Hard to be liked by the mainstream when your hardcore support, only comes from the Extreme Right Wing, the KKK, NeoNazis, and Conservative Evangelical Christians!
We are witnessing the continued disintegration of the Party of Lincoln and Eisenhower, that began in 1980 with the ultimate con; An actor, acting Presidential and winning the hearts of an ignorant Middle Class, and the American degenerate businessman by becoming their hero..."Say No to Drugs", Nancy!! while your Hubby keeps trading more Guns for them! The disintegration of a Political Party into a Party of Greed, Arrogance, Intolerance, and Corruption. Politicians openly bought by Big $$$ and proud of it!...the Hate towards everyone on this earth that doesn't agree with them, and their obsession with the total control everyone's lives...assholes like that have destroyed your Party, Ike! you were right about a lot of things, General!
When Political Decorum disintegrates into a level of Disrespect, Personal and Family Attacks, Mockery, Open Lies, Insults, and obscene the fall of an Empire, a Country, or a Political Ideology...the beginning of the end is not long behind. That scenario looms larger and larger for Grand Old Party...unless they come up with something drastic to save their Party, their family's legacy, and place in History...the "Dumbos" will finally become a White Elephant in our World Political Theater, once in for all! 
Rand Paul: Tea Party’s been “hijacked and hoodwinked” by “false conservative” Donald Trump -

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