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Driving Test

By Rubytuesday
I My preparation for my test has been extremely rushedEven though I've been driving for quite a whileThere are still things I need to brush up onAt the moment I have a learners permitAnd have managed to dodge my test thus far But I've procrastinated for too long nowIt was time to do it
Yesterday I had a two hour lessonWhich went wellBut man, there were many things that I did not knowLike this constant mirror, signal, mirror checking I meanOf course I check my mirrorsBut not as obsessive as I was being told toWe also practised the manoeuvres The three point turnWhich I was ok at And the reversing around a cornerWhich I struggled with My teacher said that was my weak pointAnother thing I was really worried aboutWas the fact that I had to drive in to the car park for the testAnd reverse in to the car parking space I practised it a bit this morning And it was pretty hit and missAy ay ayI just couldn't wait until it was all overI can't tell you how nervous about I was this morningAnd I was afraid to take any of my meds In case they made me drowsySo driving down to the test centreI could almost feel myself going in to withdrawalBut that might have been in my imagination
The test center is about an hour from my houseIn a town that I don't know very wellAnd only really drove around for the first time yesterdayI picked this town as it's the quietest town near to meThe lesson yesterday was really cutting it fineThe instructor tried to squash everything in tithe two hoursBut it was nigh on impossibleToo much informationToo much to remember in such a short space of timeI got back from my lesson yesterdayGot straight in to my pyjamasAnd rested for the eveningThen this morningI got up early And my sister came out with me to practiseI practised reversing in to a spaceIt was hit and miss at best The other maneuver I would be asked to do was reversing around a cornerI do that every day to leave my house But this was on the other sideAnd it just confused me
I was beyond nervous and anxious this morning I just could not wait for it to be over The test was at 12 45pmSo my mother and I set off at about 11 30amWe were driving through one of the villagesI had just rounded a cornerWhen a woman in a brand new big f**k off carPulled out in front meWithout indicating And without lookingI had to swerve across the roadAnd thank God there was nothing coming on the other sideI was so shocked I had to pull in for a secondThe woman drove by meAnd I gave her a filthy lookBut she seemed oblivious to what she had just done 
An hour later And we arrived at the test centreNow I had to reverse in to a spaceThe car park was tiny And there really was only one space I could go for It took me three attempts And it on my second attemptSomeone walked in to the car park that o recognisedI knew the face But I couldn't place themThen it came to meIt was my sisters ex-fiancé The one who messed her around And who my entire family hateI hadn't seen this guy in years Typical that I would run in to him on the day of my driving testHe saw us And quickly looked awayAnother filthy look was in orderThen I promptly reversed in to a sign 
EventuallyI managed to get the car between the linesIn a somewhat straight positionI felt shook after my two incidencesBut I perseveredMy mom went for a cup of coffee after wishing me luckAnd I headed in to the test centreI sat waiting for about five minutesHoping that I wouldn't run in to ex-fiancé againI didn'tAnd soon I heard my name calledA short stout mam in his fifties ushered me in to a roomHe introduced himself Explained what was going to happenHe asked for my permitWhich I had stupidly left in my carSo I had to run out to get itBad start right thereAnd the test began
First He asked me some rules of the road Some I knewSome I didn't Some I blatantly guessedThen it was out to my carHe checked all my paperwork was in orderChecked my lights Asked me to pop the hoodWhich I only learned how to do yesterday He asked me various questions about where the oil goes etcI managed that part okThen it was time to driveI started the carBut my nerves were getting the better of meAnd I hit the curb on the way out You guys I failed before I even got out of the car park! I could help but curse'Shite' I said'Is that it?' I asked  him'The test isn't over yet' he replied So I kept goingAnd tried to be positiveAs I said I don't know this town at allThere were many roundabouts A one way systemAnd I was generally very confused a lot of the time I remembered to use my mirrorsAnd check my blind spots But there were so many things I neglected to do Or didn't know how to doI just wasn't sure of myself Or what I was doing I need a lot more practise
My car is an automaticSo there are only two pedalsBrake and acceleloratorNo clutchUsually I use both feet to use the pedals But the tester told me that I was doing it wrong And only to use my right footThis completely threw meAs I tried to remember the correct way to do itI tried my best
Then it was time to do the reverse around the cornerThat went shockingly badAnd I hit the curb againI just wanted to cry at that pointI felt like such a loser Next was the three point turnNow this something that I can actually doAnd it went pretty smoothly 
After about 40 minutesThe tester directed me back to the t St centreI turned off my car And he invited me insideI sat on the blue chair and sighed'I don't have good news for you' he said'I know' I replied So that was it I failed But then I already knew that He mentioned the pedals againHe said strictly he should have cancelled the test because I was using both feetBut he saw I was making an effort So he gave me a chanceHe told me what else I need to brush up onAnd there is a lotHe also said to get a few lessons And get to know the test townBoth of which I will do
So thats it guys I didn't passBut I'm not too upsetI knew I hadn't had enough practice and preparationI will apply for it again soonAnd get back behind the steering wheelI did my bestAnd it was good experience Hopefully next time will go better 
I am so tired nowIt's only 3pmBut when I get homeI am getting straight in to my pyjamas Taking my medsAnd relaxing for the evening I meanI know I'm not a horrible driverThere are just at things I need to brush up on And I will Just not today 

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