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Drinking: “take 2 Days Off”

By Tempestra @tempestra1

Just as we’re recovering from the excesses of the Christmas season, the government decide it’s a good time to tell us all we should keep our livers and minds clear of the demon drink for 2 days a week.  No, not just as a new year’s health kick – but as a way of life.

This is all getting very confusing.  I wish someone up there would just make up their mind!  Not so long ago, we were being told that a drink a day was good for us….now, it seems, that only applies to men over 40 (oh hang on, it’s OK for me then?) and ‘post-menopausal’ women.  How odd.

Drinking: “take 2 days off”
So this government committee want to see us tee-total for 2 days out of every 7.  Even ruling out a cheeky glass of wine with dinner.

I know we have a problem with binge drinkers.  I also acknowledge that alcohol does not help with our obesity endemic, either. Have some guidelines in place, sure – I fully support it.  But please, make them sensible.  I really can’t see many people going with this 2-day thing.  For years, the 21 units a week measure has been imprinted on my brain.  As has the message that a little of everything in moderation is fine (well, with the obvious exceptions!).  I think the government are going to have a real uphill battle on their hands with getting the public’s support on this one…


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