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Drew Barrymore Introduces Daughter Olive

Posted on the 12 December 2012 by Jenmcd @jen_mcdonnell
Drew Barrymore and her daughter Olive on the cover of People.

Drew Barrymore and her daughter Olive on the cover of People.

-Drew Barrymore sold her soul baby pics to People, which made this week’s cover.

-On guard, Beliebers! Two men have been arrested after allegedly being hired to kill and castrate the pint-sized pop star.

-Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter is set to stay with her sister, while her dad will take over overseeing her estate, according to her brother.

-It’s about time! A judge finally revoked Lindsay Lohan’s probation Wednesday and scheduled a violation hearing that could result in more jail time.

-You gotta love Anne Hathaway‘s incredibly articulate, kick-ass response to Matt Lauer‘s gross question about her crotch shot (which, after seeing the photo, actually looked more like a thigh shot).

-I know nothing about Austenland except that it stars Keri Russell and it’s about a Jane Austen theme park (which frankly, is more than enough to sell me on it), but this photo has me excited!

-Speaking of all things Austen, Jennifer Love Hewitt is producing a Pride and Prejudice reboot for Lifetime? It is a truth universally acknowledged that this is total bullshit.

-Sheryl Crow may be 50, but she can still rocky a teenie weenie bikini.

-Break out the celebratory chicken dance! We’re getting even more Arrested Development than expected; Netflix just ordered extra episodes.

-There were a lot of WTF moments from this morning’s SAG nominations, but the biggest was Nicole Kidman scoring a nom for The Paperboy. Come ON!

-Chris Pratt and Anna Faris appearance on Top Chef makes me wish they’d do a sitcom together.

-The only thing that could make Pitch Perfect even more um, perfect is this deleted scene, which reveals a Har Mar Superstar cameo!

-Kristen Stewart says she’s “bored.” Right, because this year has just been soo uneventful for her…

-Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are enjoying a mini-holiday in the UK.

-The second trailer for The Impossible has arrived.

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