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Dressing Down. Way Down.

By Brisdon @shutuprun

It’s a very random, unusual, weird Friday around here, so here’s what’s sitting on my brain:

  • As was evidenced in last night’s debate, Paul Ryan hydrates very well. I’m guessing his pee is that lemon juice color we are all striving for.


  • I hate it when the toilet paper roll in my kid’s bathroom runs out and instead of replacing it, they start using Kleenex. Kleenex is 40,000 times more expensive than TP or something like that.
  • Will Taylor Swift ever stop singing angry songs about break ups and relationships gone bad? I miss the days of Tim McGraw and Romeo and Juliet. Fact is, I wouldn’t give a crap if my daughter did not play the music 24-7. It’s hard to ignore. We did have fun with Taylor at Walgreen’s today. Don’t be jealous of my cheetah purse:
  • IMAG0885IMAG0886
  • I’ve just learned what Honey Boo Boo’s mother makes for Sunday night dinner. Be prepared, it’s gross. It’s called “Sketti” – melt butter (Country Crock?), mix in ketchup, pour over spaghetti noodles. I’m sorry if you want exact measurements, I don’t have them. No words.
  • So excited about this book. I’ve finally got it from the library and have been waiting to read it for awhile. It’s about two women facing off in cycling in the Olympics (fiction). It got 4 stars on Good Reads so it must be worth something. Plus, I really liked this author’s first book, Little Bee.


Do you see two faces or a goblet? My daughter wants to know.

  • The kids don’t have school today. I went to the store like this without even thinking about it. Apparently, my appearance was kind of off putting to my son. YES! The more I can humiliate my children, the better. Next time I will wear a sign that says, “I am Sam’s mom.”


  • Today is a rest day and I am trying to embrace RESTING. It is not easy. I want to move and sweat. But this just makes me all the more excited to take a long trail run this weekend with Ken. If you live around Boulder/Longmont got any good suggestion for me outside of Picture Rock, Hall or Heil?
  • I love all things pumpkin, and Pinterest is way out of control with the pumpkin desserts. This is next on my list (Pumpkin Monkey Bread).
Pumpkin Monkey Bread - 9

Although, got to admit, not too sure about these. You? Why can’t a Pringle just be a Pringle?


Reading anything good these days?

Got anything random to tell me today? Kid pet peeves? Favorite pumpkin recipes? Candy corn flavored Pringles?

Do you believe in embarrassing your kids or are you nice?


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