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Dreams and Roses

By Jr
"Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams..."
On a recent visit to Derry, I tried to re-enact a vivid dream I had had, only a week before; A boy in a pale blue t-shirt, waving in the mist, observed through the condensation on a single bedroom window.
Wide awake and starry eyed with drink and music, the mist crawled over the hilltops.  It was pale blue.

If you get a chance to visit Derry, and you should because it's a beautiful city, you must walk its new Peace Bridge joining the Cityside and Waterside.  A symbol for peace and hope for the future.
Dreams and roses
The bridge will be the platform for Light Up The Sky on September 10th, when people in Ireland/UK and around the world will release sky lanterns at the same time in memory of loved ones lost through suicide.
Dreams and roses
My sista and I on the Peace Bridge, 20/08/11. A wonderful day <3
While in Derry, you'll notice that the city is big into its music.  You can't pay a visit without walking down Waterloo Street and hearing live music spill out of every bar. Wrong Girl recommendations are: Bound For Boston, Masons bar, and Sandinos.  Though, the best buzz is after the bars shut and the streets are alive with people rushing to find where the party is. Don't be surprised if you make friends with complete strangers at 2am.
I danced to this song at 3am in a kitchen in Ballymac.

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