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Dr. Yash Gulati Joint Replacement Surgeon Giving Relief To Aching Joints

Posted on the 05 March 2021 by Anan Adisa


Joint replacement is a surgical treatment wherein parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are eliminated and changed with a metal, plastic or ceramic device referred to as prosthesis. The prosthesis is designed to duplicate the motion of a normal, healthy joint. Hip and knee replacements are the most usually performed joint replacements, however alternative surgical treatment can be done on other joints, as well, including of the ankle, wrist, shoulder, and elbow.

Dr. Yash Gulati Joint Replacement Surgeon Giving Relief To  Aching Joints

Description of the procedure by Dr. Yash Gulati joint replacement surgeon at Apollo Delhi

In a joint replacement, the damaged joint is eliminated surgically, and new part is inserted of their places. These new part may be made of a special kind of metallic or plastic or particular kinds of carbon-coated implants. The new parts permit the joints to move again with very little pain. Finger joints (known as PIP), knuckle joints (referred to as MP) and wrist joints can all get replaced.

Benefits of joint replacement surgery

Generally, sufferers who have had surgery return to ordinary day by day activities and function nicely. Patients who participated in sports earlier than wanting surgery probable can participate in low-impact sports activities following surgical procedure. Physical therapy and a dedicated rehabilitation program are important to successful final results for surgical treatment.

Orthopedic care by Dr. Yash Gulati delivered with the expertise, innovation and commitment 

Dr. Yash Gulati Joint replacement surgeon at Apollo Delhi area incredible emphasis on presenting world class standards of care at each level of the treatment system, from patient registration to following up on post-procedure results. He has earned a stellar popularity for providing exemplary patient care such as surgical and non-surgical procedures with absolute precision, and has completed joint replacement surgical procedure on hundreds of patients with extraordinary outcomes. The high joint replacement success rate offered by him can be attributed to the quality of clinical care, level of hygiene maintained, quality of implant used by him, and his expertise and skills in his field. Dr. Yash Gulati Joint replacement surgeon at Apollo Delhi believes in long-term development to provide the highest quality in medical services for his patients. He could be very passionate about his subject and it show in his attentive manner and superior surgical abilities. Over the years, Dr. Yash Gulati Joint replacement surgeon at Apollo Delhi has successfully helped thousands of patients resume their daily life. His patients can now lead better lives with advances in medical care.

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Joint replacement surgery service India trusted healthcare providers worldwide

Joint replacement surgery service India offers a world-class holistic experience to the patients traveling from far places only to get the treatment. We are associated with numerous reputed hospitals from India covering all types of health, current, holistic, and alternative treatment. India organ transplant service is ready to welcome patients back in safe, healthy surroundings. Medical and surgical care is considered crucial needs, and you should be able to come to India organ transplant service for care. As we begin with inpatient and outpatient care that you depend on, make sure that we will keep stability our patient-centered technique to care with quality practices in infection prevention for our patient and staff.

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