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Downtown Rochester Pano 3 [Sky Watch Friday]

By Shattman

Here is the last of my Rochester panoramas. In contrast to the ones posted below, the individual images were shot with the camera in the vertical [portrait] rather than horizontal [landscape] position. It adds more of the scene in the vertical -- also, since I did not take as many shots, the aspect ratio [width:height] is not as dramatic as the earlier pics. A few words about some of the buildings here, which were not mentioned previously. The dark glass building has an outdoor elevator [no longer functional] that went up to the 17th floor, where you took another elevator up to a glass enclosed restaurant that slowly revolved. If you had a seat by the outside window, you could see the entire 360 degrees of the Rochester skyline in under an hour. The low-rise prominent complex along the water’s edge is our Riverside Convention Center. {Click to enlarge image.}
The high-rise building [The Chase Tower] to the far right is one of the most photographed structures in town. Look at the reddish brick building on the left -- do you see some wild reflections of the Tower in four of the windows? Those reflections really caught my eye and I had to focus in on them. Below is one of those shots.
Downtown Rochester Pano 3  [Sky Watch Friday]
Downtown Rochester Pano 3  [Sky Watch Friday]

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