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By Rubytuesday
I went in to town todayTo do some last minute shoppingCollect bits and piecesAnd generally try and get ready for Christmas I saw a girl with a gorgeous pinafore dress on the TV last weekI thought it would be lovely to wear on Christmas DayClassy yet comfortableSo I went to all the usual suspect shops to try and find oneBut to no availI did go through my wardrobe last nightAnd did find a gray cord pinafore from years agoSo that will have to doWe have a tradition in our house every Christmas That we all buy Christmas pyjamasAnd this year is no different I love getting dressed up for the big dayBut my favorite outfit of all is a pair of cost pyjamas
As for me I'm doing ok Still very pale And get tired very easily So I'm taking it easyLots of rest and relaxation is the order of the day I was on my way to meet my friend from treatment I was a bit early So I nipped in to the shoe shop beside itThere was a girl sitting down trying on shoesOur eyes metI recognised the faceBut couldn't work out where i knew her from She said hello She seemed to know meI walked towards her Then it hit meIt was a girl from my ward in hospitalThe one I used to pal around withI sat down and we huggedAnd swapped numbersWhich was great as if really like to stay in touch with herWe said goodbyeAnd I headed off to meet my friend
This girl was in treatment with meAnd we both happened to be from the same areaWe've been firm friends since meeting back in 2013 This girl has her own familyA husband Three boys A career And a busy social lifeBut we try to meet up every couple of weeksToday was our third Christmas meeting upWe talked about treatment The girls The staff How much we've all changedShe said that I look very gaunt at the moment Which I do I know I'm very pale And a bit sickly looking At one point My friend got really emotional And we both shed a little tearIt was good to catch up thoughFriends are so important 
As I type this I am sitting in my mothers carWith my mother and sister And the stupid car won't start It's raining It's windy There's a storm on the way And it's getting darker by the minuteWe just rang AAThat's the automobile associationNot Alcoholics Anonymous And are waiting for them to come and save us Typical that this happens to us On one of the busiest shopping days of the year We can do nothing but wait So that's what we will do As ever I will keep you postedAnd is anyone is near by with a jump lead Give me a shout.....

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