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Downton Abbey Attire

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood

Downton Abbey Attire
There aren't many benefits to being stuck home sick with a cold. Well, with the exception of one. You really have no choice but to rest and watch hours and hours of TV or read books and magazines cover to cover. And last week, I too had no choice but to rest and battle a cold over the weekend and into Monday. During this unfavourable time, I delved into the world of Downton Abbey (thanks to my dear friend Ms. Breeze for the recommendation). At first, I wasn't entirely sure if I'd be interested in watching British aristocrats live their servant and scandal filled lives but after episode 2 (season 1), I could not stop. Never mind me, hungry husband got into it as well. Add this show to my round up of Best TV shows to watch in 2012. If you're a neophyte, you have to start by watching this and hear Maggie Smith (Dowager Countess) say, "What is a Week.. End!?!?" This should give you a pretty good idea of what the show is all about. My favorite character is Lady Mary. She is strong, smart and somewhat naughty. I love that she is caught between the desire to fulfill her duties as nobility (rational) and living life as her heart dictates (emotional). What will she do? Will she end up with this guy? My fingers are crossed. Lady Mary is also rather fashionable. Always dressed smart for the occasion, she is girlie in an understated manner. Here are some of her best looks:
Downton Abbey Attire
Ah the hats! Gorgeous, exquisite hats! Her red and black lace and crushed velvet gowns are fantastic. It's hard not to fall in love with her and the times. One thing I noticed is, unlike other shows where characters never wear the same thing twice, on this show much of the outfits are worn over and over. I think it makes the show more realistic and the outfits more memorable. Of course, after every episode, I want to dress like Lady Mary and emulate her grace and simplicity. The outfits are easy to put together (see below). I leave it to you to find your aristocratic pulse and grace.
Lady Mary, Downton AbbeyFrom long luxurious leather gloves to flower detailed hats to vintage hair pins to kitten heel Mary Jane pumps to a simple black purse to long gold necklaces and delicate earrings, It's really about the accessories. With a few additions, it's easy to channel Lady Mary at work, at brunch, lunch or dinner. If you're going out throw on an expensive, well fitting camel coat or if you're staying in, have a cup of tea in a beautiful china cup and you'll start referring to yourself  with the title of Lady. Just don't let anyone else hear you... ;)
Are you a fan of Downton Abbey?

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