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Double the Joy Shop and Get Cash Back with CASHKARO.COM

By Shalinidigvijay @shalinidigvijay
A panacea to cure all ills. You're over worked and spend all your time thinking about work and all the people associated with the work place. You need to get out of the mire. You are so not focused on your own self. ..
Sound familiar?
Isn't this just every one's story?
And then the markets and malls are miles away,and the worst bit is the inability to get out if ones pajamas and put on ones makeup and go shop.
If this Sounds familiar, raise your hand.
Yeah. ..
But I'm posting, remember?
What does a poor over worked and stressed person do?
Shop .
Of course!
And the gift of god....Internet!
Blessings and some money money spent and then hallelujah. back!-
With you can shop and then get back some of your moolah to add to the feelgood factor.
If I had  10000 rupees in my wallet that I was just given with to spend without any questions you know what I would buy?
and then some more.
And maybe some space to store the shoes.
Mary Jane's.
Pencil Heels.
Slip ons. ..
Platform heels.
Flip flops.
Don't even remember all the names...
But then there are only 10000 rupees in my kitty.
And there are only so many branded shoes that I can buy.But then with if I log on to and pick the website I want to shop in and then pick and choose and fill my shopping cart.
My favorite websites are jabong and flipkart and they are linked to
That's all I need.
Shop for Rs 10000 and then wait for 24 hours for my bonanza.
A cash back in my bank account linked to
So a new day of shopping and another pair of shoes...
So hubby dear would be pulling out his hair because the shoes and shoes and shoes seem to be floating around.
So what do I wear the shoes with???
New clothes.
Another rs 10000 from coming up???
Soon I'll need a ware house to place all my stress busting shopping needs in...
Do you think someone up there is listening???
I really need the emoticons from whatsapp here...
So what else helps you bust stress???
For me ,Its Shopping or Chocolate or Shopping and Chocolate.
I ended up buying green and gray contact lenses from lenskart this here in Jalandhar people will feel the advent of Halloween much before the 31st of October.
So why are you getting stressed today???

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