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Double Award

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
DOUBLE AWARDIt's no secret that we all love a bit of recognition.  That's why today's blog post is to say thanks for 2 awards I've received this week.  Now I have to be honest; I was THRILLED to receive these awards, but when I started reading there were "rules" attached, I started to feel that choking feeling I used to get as a school student when I received a chain letter... thankfully there are no threats attached to the awards; I won't fail any exams or self-destruct if I don't pass these awards on to 100 people in the next 24 hours... it's just a bit of blog loving... phew!
The first was from Lisa at Criss-Cross Applesauce who awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award.  The rules require me to acknowledge and thank her; taa; display the award (done); tell you 7 things about myself, and then pass the award on to 15 fav blogs.  If you're interested in the origin of things, as I am, I think the award originated here... but it's unclear.
The second award was from Twinkles, Tutorials and Tutus who presented me with the Leibster Blog Award for blogs with under 200 followers that deserve some extra loving.  The rules of this award are to; say thanks for the recognition; thanks x; display the award (done); and nominate 5 blogs to pass it on to.  The origins of this award are completely impossible to trace given the viral nature of the pass-on effect...
OK - so let's get to the 7 things about me;
  1. If I could be an animal I'd like to be a cat.
  2. If I was a colour, I'd choose white.
  3. If I could swap places with anyone in the world I wouldn't.
  4. 4 is my lucky number.
  5. I'm a pig, so is my father and my daughter (according to the Chinese New Year system).
  6. If I could have less of something in my life it would be migraines.
  7. If I could have more of anything, it would probably be sleep... or kisses from my kids... I can never get enough of those!

Last obligation, if you can call it that, is to nominate 5 and 15 blogs... well I'm gonna double up a little here and start by giving 5 people 2 awards for being doubly special and having under 200 followers;
  1. eat, read, love - for her beautiful photography
  2. mamas (goody) bag - for her early support (the blogs greek, so I can't read it, but I keep in touch by looking at the pictures)
  3. Auntie Louisa - for staying in touch
  4. Jack Sprats Wife - because I love the name and where her blog is headed
  5. The Mommies Made Me Do it - a new follower I'm following back

I haven't included links, as many of the blogs are of a more personal nature - but I'll update with links as their owners permit it.
Another 10 blogs all receive the Versatile Blogger award (if you have it already see my note below - I truly would love to read every page of your blog to confirm if you have previously received it, but as there are only 24 hours in the day - alas - I can not!)  In no particular order I give the award to;
  1. O.Alouette - a beautiful blog
  2. Desire Empire - coastal chic
  3. Gluesticks - fun
  4. The Kurtz Corner - cute as
  5. Sasse Life - linky heaven
  6. Art Projects For Kids - inspirational and educational
  7. Sew Blessed - makes me wish I could sew
  8. Mama Pea Pod - for her love of outdoor play
  9. CraftoManic - wow
  10. Fireflies & Jellybeans - another linky heaven

So then - this post is a bit long winded, and sort of off-topic, but it was a fun way to create a bit of an impression of who I am, and where I blog hop!  I'm sure I'll think of more blogs I love the second I hit "publish" - but you can always see who else I follow in my profile.  At least I think you can.  
Now I'm off to tell all 15 people I love them!  Wow... awards come with alot of responsibility - but thanks again to the 2 blogs who loved me!

PS - if you got the award and want to wear it with pride, here is the 'original' source file for the award images the best spot is to go back one step to the blogs that gave them to me - use it as an opportunity to stop by, join up, leave a comment, share some more blog love!
PPS - if you have already received the award above, feel free to puff out your chest, and leave it at that, or refer back to your prior post where you complied with all the rules - I would hate for you to be overly polite and dutiful and write up another 7 things about yourself and a whole new list of fav blogs just because an invisible presence in cyberspace made you feel like you had to.

PPPS - if you haven't won an award before, but aren't feeling in the mood for any blog love; don't worry - do nothing... you won't self destruct; I promise. x 

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