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Dotori - Finsbury Park - London

By Yummei @yummmei
WARNING: I have a problem.
I suffer from a serious disorder called Hungry Eyes Syndrome.
Dotori - Finsbury Park - LondonIt simply takes over me, and I cannot control it.
I just NEED to eat EVERYTHING.
I know you can all relate.

Korean Fried ChickenDotori - Finsbury Park - London
You know that dreadful feeling inside when you can't decide what you want to eat, because if you had your way you would eat the world in one sitting.
I was having one of those moments.
That fateful day was between Korean or Japanese. 
Luckily Dotori, in Finsbury Park are renowned to serve both cuisines and they do it well. 
Salmon SashimiDotori - Finsbury Park - LondonKorean Seafood PancakeDotori - Finsbury Park - London
Feeding my greed.
It was only natural to start off with not one but THREE appetisers.
Korean Spring Onion and Seafood Pancake (£6.50)
As you are well aware, this is not just any Korean pancake; it's a juicy, densely packed pancake with an abundance of shrimp, squid and spring onions. 
It was soft in the middle, and had that crispy edge; making it just so satisfying.
It's probably one of the best Korean seafood pancakes I've ever had.
Korean Fried Chicken (£5.50) The flavor of the sticky sauce was perfect: sweet, salty, sour and spicy. Every thing you could possible want. I just wished that it was more 'saucy' but that's just because I like it dirty.
Also the chicken was a little on the tough side, as it was slightly overcooked. 
Salmon Sashimi (£6.50)It's hard to knock on fresh salmon, this was meaty and added that refreshing edge to my starters. 
Whetting my appetite. ;P
Dotori - Finsbury Park - LondonTrio of Sides ;]Dotori - Finsbury Park - London
Dotori - Finsbury Park - LondonRainbow Roll Dotori - Finsbury Park - London
Rainbow Roll £8.50Tuna, Salmon, Sea bass, Prawn, Crabstick, pickle, cucumber, kanpyo and green tea mayonnaise
This was the most refreshing of the sushi rolls, with that green tea mayo adding an earthy hum to each bite.
Dragon & House RollDotori - Finsbury Park - London
House Roll £7.00Marinated beef, cucumber, kanpyo, asparagus, kimchee, inari, flying fish roe, and red wine sauce
I was actually pretty surprised at how flavoursome the beef was in this roll, think the marinade used on bulgogi beef IN a sushi roll. 
It was well balanced with the cucumber, asparagus and the kimchee added that saltiness that just brought it all together. It was really well balanced.
Dragon Roll £8.50Eel, avocado, cucumber and sweet soy sauce
That sweet thick soy based sauce thats basted on the eel always will be a winner in my eyes. The crunch of the cucumber and soft creaminess of the avocado just added to it's glory.
Dotori - Finsbury Park - LondonPear and Beef Bulgogi BibimbapDotori - Finsbury Park - London
Pear and Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap £7.50
I was so stuffed by this point, and suffering the consequences from Hungry Eyes Syndrome.
But this was just SO good.
Pear and beef just go so well together.
You get that sweetness from the pear, with the saltiness from the beef, and the vegetables give it that added crunch. Slather it all with some chilli and you will be in a very happy place.
I felt like a fat cat after eating all of that.
I probably shouldn't have ordered that last dish, as I was about to explode.
But I regret nothing!
Dotori - Finsbury Park - London
Dotori is tiny family-run restaurant just a stone throw away from Finsbury Park station. I just love places that look and feel like you're in someone's home.
This place is always constantly rammed so be sure to book in advance if you decide to venture here.
Sex Appeal?
I know I'll be back ;]
YUMMEI's 8/10 
3 Stroud Green Road,
Finsbury Park,
N4 2DQ
Square Meal

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